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Zelda. Which game is the best?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by les1312, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. *starwatcher*

    *starwatcher* Member

    I like a good debate about one of my all time favourite series :)

    Ocarina of time was the most defying moment in the zelda series, the step to 3D was executed brilliantly by nintendo and paved the way for the future of the franchise.

    I have enjoyed every Zelda game made by nintendo, although capcom did an excellent job with the franchise I still prefer the Nintendo made ones.
  2. idpaul

    idpaul Active Member

    i like wind waker but my all time favourite zelda games were the oracle of ages and oracle of seasons for the gbc
  3. Veritarch

    Veritarch Member

    In my opinion, nothing beats the original Zelda for the NES. It is the one that started it all. As the tech has increased, the capacity to show more has also increased, but the very first Zelda is the one that started it all. And, in my opinion, as such deserves it's place among the great works of gaming.
  4. JackValkyrie

    JackValkyrie New Member

    for me Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is the best game of Zelda. It was a great game and had good graphics too.
  5. dtrave

    dtrave New Member

    Majora's Mask
  6. aquaboy123

    aquaboy123 Active Member

    i personally think windwalker is the BEST zelda game out there
  7. Barathrum

    Barathrum Well-Known Member

    windwaker great storyline/challenge/length
  8. elk1007

    elk1007 Well-Known Member

    Windwaker was probably the best.
    OoT is certainly a classic. If you want to understand the Zelda universe in any depth, OoT is a must.

    I think TP is my second favorite.

    The rest are kind of arbitrarily ordered. I haven't finished a couple of them either.
  9. futurelink

    futurelink Member

    link to the past was awsome, and the multiplayer extra on gba/gamecube linkup for four swords was really fun. oracle of ages was good too, as well as links awakening. still got that tune in my head for when you open up the entrance for the wind fish. and you could steal items from the shop and they all called you thief! haha
  10. okgokgokgo

    okgokgokgo New Member

    If I were a total noob in the Zelda field, I'd have to go with Ocarina of Time...I'm not. In retrospect, the game is just another Zelda game, except in 3D, so I'm going to have to go with The Wind Waker. I'd like to think that its repetition (sailing) really led to make you believe that you were an epic hero. One of my favorite moments in videogame history was probably when I was sailing to The Forsaken Fortress, Master Sword in hand. My expectations for the fight with Ganon just kept growing, and that feeling was great...
  11. Demetious

    Demetious Member

    Legend of Zelda was by far the best....even though you had to blow in hte cartridge to get it to work half of the time ;D
  12. mr snow

    mr snow Well-Known Member

    twilight princess. good graphics and motion sensor implementation on the WII
  13. elk1007

    elk1007 Well-Known Member

    Anyone else played Link's CrossBow Training?

    It's actually pretty fun, albeit short.
  14. apophos755

    apophos755 Well-Known Member

    There is none better than the original. Excellent gameplay, decent length, and it was a good challenge. A Link to the Past is almost as good as the original, graphically superior, but inferior in other areas.
  15. hahahahaha

    hahahahaha Well-Known Member

  16. meminpanda

    meminpanda Well-Known Member

    for me the LoZ OoT was the best and will allways be
  17. mr snow

    mr snow Well-Known Member

    yeah ocarina of time is good though im stuck in the goron dungeon as young link at the part where he fights the lizards with swords and shields (i know i suck)
  18. mynameis1

    mynameis1 New Member

    I would have to say Link to the Past is my favourite with OoT coming a close second.

    ps: first post. ;D
  19. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    I like how this is a debate topic yet no one really justifies which is the greatest in detail.

    For me it's Majora's mask (and I played all of them). I though Majora's Mask was the best Zelda game because of it's 3 day system, the complexity of the game, the deep characters and enthralling story telling. I mean, compared to every other game in terms of story and atmosphere MM blows every game out of the water. There were several side quests to be conpleted, they were also memorable and interesting and complicated and most of all fun. Like I remember the whole storyline of the boy with the Keaton mask (fox) and his fiance. Then there's the thief, then there's the first part of the game as a deku. There's something amazing about the third day when all the villagers were panicking in fear showing their true colors.

    Also there's the girl with her deceased mother in the basement. Macabre as it is. In fact MM is the darkest Zelda game to date. Nintendo said the TP was, (which it isn't AT ALL) in fact I hate TP because it felt like a shallow shell of a Zelda game. There was no real incentive to explore the huge landscape it gave you and the side quests are boring. At least the boss battles were awesome.

    Changing who you are in MM was also awesome, I loved being a Goron, or Deku or Zora. The transformations looked kinda creepy but it was fun. Being a Zora was AWESOME. Also there's the challenge of getting all the masks then completing the Zora/Goron/Deku/Link dungeons which were all fun and challenging to get the Oni Link mask and kick Majora's ass.

    I love this game because it made every other Zelda game a hollow shell of a game, because there was so much to do in MM and so much story and the characters were so memorable. Sadly a majority hate it only because of the 3 day system, which is more than a blessing then a curse.
  20. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    Link to the Past or OOT