Zelda: Spirit Tracks - .Sav locations

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  1. maciam

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    so I'm doing as you explained but all it does is create a new .sav file when I start the game on my acekard 2i.
    Might anyone have any suggestions.
    I am in need of this as my kid & I had gotten close to the end (deamon train level) and then his DS was stolen.
    I have DL the sav points.
    I copy the needed sav point to the micrSD chip.
    I make sure that the sav point has the same name as the .nds file except that it ends in sav

    thanks in advance for any help on this guys!!!
  2. CSL00

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    Newer versions of AKAIO ( from 1.6RC1 if i remember it correctly) use a 1Mb sav file, it erased my complete game when i updated.
  3. Jhon 591

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    When you crate a new save file , what name dose the acekard 2i make ?, Try to use that name

    If your file extention is not enabled on your PC , Then don't add a .nds to the end of the arcive, as it may end up with a .nds.nds but hidden
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    About file extention




    Look's like they could be an anser hear


  4. zani123

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    Hey, can someone re-upload the saves, or send a PM with the saves for me?

    Thanks (sorry for my bad english).
  5. Jhon 591

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    Ops sorry it has bean along time , and i did not keep a backup copy

    Dose anyone else have a copy of the original download ? , for him or hear ...
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    Hi I NEEEEEEED Save 14 15 or 16 PLEEAASE any will do help me cause i had a rom and i have my sav file. BUT i deleted my rom sowhen i try to put my sav file with a different rom it dosent work cause its 512kb and it want 1mb..... HELP
  7. Constiplopz

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    I would really appreciate it if someone reuploaded these, my save file corrupted and i dont want to start all over :(
  8. lhbaumann

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    OMG i lost my file! D;
    could these please be re uploaded???
  9. thesuperduperwing

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    I would also like to have the .sav locations. If anyone could PM the files, it would be great of you.
  10. Jhon 591

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  11. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

  12. maciam

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    Anyone have these?!?
    I would love them!!!
  13. Jhon 591

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    I'm replaying the game, so far got saves upto the Blizzard Temple
  14. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

  15. Jhon 591

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  16. Jhon 591

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    Removed: updated V
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    thank you thank you thank you !!!!!
  18. Jhon 591

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  19. Jhon 591

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    Fully Re-Stored All .sav points :)

    See first page for instructions http://forum.romulation.net/index.php?topic=30568.msg530840#msg530840

    Full list now compleate updated 19/7/2011

    NEW Link: Removed dead link

    Aut Link: Removed dead link

    1. Zelda & Link - Escape From The Castle.sav
    2. Tunnel To Tower Of Spirits.sav
    3. Tower Of Spirits - Floor 1.sav
    4. Ride To the Wood Land Maze.sav
    5. Wooded Temple.sav
    6. Tower Of Spirits - Floor 4.sav
    7. Befour Snow Tunnel at Snow Realm.sav
    8. Blizzard Temple.sav
    9. Tower Of Spirits - Floor 8.sav
    10. Track To The Ocean Temple.sav
    11. Marine Temple.sav
    12. Tower Of Spirits - Floor 13.sav
    13. Start Of Fire Land.sav
    14. Play Mountain Temple Song.sav
    15. Fight For Three Keys To The Mountain Temple.sav
    16. Mountain Temple.sav
    17. Tower Of Spirits - Floor 18.sav
    18. Floor 23 - Fight Byran.sav
    19. Dune Sanctuary.sav
    20. Dune Sanctuary - Rael Song.sav
    21. Three Trials To The Dune Temple.sav
    22. Desert Temple.sav
    23. Desert Temple - Boss Fight.sav
    24. Tower Of Spirits - Search For Magic Compass Floor 30.sav
    25. Stop Befour The Dark Realm.sav
    26. The Demon Train.sav
    27. Cole and Malladus - Possessed Zelda.sav
  20. outlink

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    need to convert them to nosgba...

    what am I suppose to do with the source format, what i chose ?. i dont know what sav. format are they to conver the sav, please help