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Zelda Inspired from Which Civilization

Discussion in 'Debates' started by tomrobinsonz, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. tomrobinsonz

    tomrobinsonz Guest

    Most Nintendo fans consider The Legend of Zelda games to be based on a Medieval European fantasy. Why not? After all, the Hylians (and human-like creatures in general) in the game are white-skinned. Moreover, they follow a feudal method of governing their cities, with the king placed at the top followed by royalty, knights, and finally, the peasant class. The hero and all the knights carry on their shield the emblem of Hyrule (which is a mixture of the Triforce and Hylia's symbol - typical for knights to wear in the Middle Ages. The hero slays the boss and saves the princess. All classic Medieval European folklore. But if Zelda is truly only a Medieval European fantasy, then it should not include elements from other races.

    For instance, Zelda contains several elements from India. The currency for instance, is called a "rupee". The interesting thing, however, is that the Indian currency is also Rupee.

    Green-Silver British-Indian coin worth 1 rupee

    Green crystal worth 1 rupee

    Moreover, the Hindu practice of Yoga can also be seen in some of the Zelda games. This is surprisingly a close match to Indian culture.

    Rosa Sisters and Link practicing yoga in Majora's Mask

    Moreover, some of the language terms are also similar to Hindi, the commonly spoken language in India. For example, Link's sister, Aryll, calls Link "Bhai", which is the Hindi form of the Sanskrit word, "Bhayya". That is also similar to Indian culture.

    Aryll calling Link, "Big Brother!" in Wind Waker

    There are also Australian Aboriginal elements in Zelda games. The Boomerang is notoriously known for being used in most of Link's adventure. This weapon/tool, however, was actually used exclusively by the Australian Aborigines.

    Link's Boomerang

    Then there is also references to the Bantu tribe in Africa as exemplified by the Gorons. Though slightly racist, Nintendo shows that Gorons have big lips like Bantus; they play drums like Bantus; they dance like Bantu's; and they live in hot climates like ancient Bantus.

    Goron and Link

    Well, these are just a few examples of elements derived from several civilizations in the Medieval European fantasy. I have not even mentioned who the dark-skinned Gerudos are. Nor have I mentioned the detailed Japanese elements in the game (partially because the Japanese creator decided to add infinite of such elements).

    Perhaps a safe assumption would be that The Legend of Zelda is derived from several cultures. After all, Shigeru Miyamoto says that "[he is] so thankful [that Zelda] has allowed us to 'link' with players all around the globe."

    So what are your opinions on the topic? Which civilizations is Zelda inspired from? Don't be shy. Discuss the answer to the question below!
  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    fantasy games are almost always feudal in some manner. Also who says games have to be inspired by any single culture?
  3. tomrobinsonz

    tomrobinsonz Guest

    I was being biased about the single culture. But there is some evidence indicating that Nintendo was supposedly Medieval European culture:

    Gamepedia (Zelda) says "Zelda games [have] samples of medieval elements and other fantasy elements (either in Hyrule or in some other land) have been noticed." (http://zelda.gamepedia.com/Medieval_elements_in_The_Legend_of_Zelda_Universe)

    ZeldaUniverse says,
    "Was Zelda ever a medieval fantasy? Should it be?
    I think so, but many titles have moved away from this setting."

    But more importantly, GameFAQ declares that "Nintendo anounces the next Zelda game is NOT going to be a medieval fantasy."
    This indicates that Zelda games prior to Breath of the Wild are a medieval fantasy.

    Sorry, I'm still not good with BB Codes!

    Anyways, one thing we both agree on is that Zelda, despite what Nintendo or GameFAQ say, does not contain only Medieval elements. They Hylian language is actually symbols such that when they are translated into Japanese characters, they pronounce Japanese words! So let us explore in this discussion how many cultures are vividly expressed in The Legend of Zelda series.