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[Wii] Metroid: Other M Review - Finalmario

Discussion in 'Review Submission' started by finalmario, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. finalmario

    finalmario Well-Known Member

    [Images have not been put on yet.Sorry guys.I am having trouble with the image thing on here to show them up.]

    Okay,so I have been playing this for about 2 days now,and I must say it is pretty good.
    Alot of people have said this one sucks,because it's not really a Metroid,but the truith is,it is more of a Metroid game than the Primes are. Yes,it's kinda like Metroid Fusion for Wii,but with Over-the-shoulder-view,Third person style like Ninja Gaiden and even some First person shooter things..Not to piss anyone off,but I didnt really like Fusion.I liked this.

    To me,the game looks and feels like a Metroid.Now alot of people were complaining about how there are too many cutsceens.Truth is,they most likely only played for about 5 minutes or 10,because yes,there are alot of sceens and less gameplay in the first 10 minutes or more,but after that,it's more gameplay and less sceens.And thats how it should be.

    However,there are a few downfalls.Such as:
    - You can no longer go around and look for wepons like the old Metroids now.Adam has to allow you to use them.
    - You can not move in First Person mode.There for,making the game really hard in bosses that you have to keep switching between views.
    - The map is harder to read then the Primes and even Super Metroid.The pause menu map doesnt even show everything.
    - Just like every other Metroid game besides Primes,its short.And unfortunatly,this one has somewhat less replay value than Super Metroid.Its easier to get 100% on this game.

    Overall though,i think this is a pretty good game.This game might not be as long,but is so much better than all 3 Primes if you want a throwback to the classic Metroids like i did.
    This is one Wii game Wii owners dont want to miss out on.
    Oh,and did I mention this game is also pretty tough at points?I like that.So if you also want a good challange,get this.Idk if it's more challangeing than Super Mario Galaxy 2.I got all stars on that in a few days.

    Screenshots(Sorry guys,i'll update this later.Busy and cant get screens for it right now)

    Individual rankings:

    Gameplay - Pretty good.Goes back to the Classic metroid and adds a new gameplay style with it,with 2 others.Alittle clunky though..(8/10)

    Music and Sound - Music is pretty good.Fits the mood of Metroid.Voice acting is great.The best voice is Anthony Higgs.Only voice i dont like is Samus'.Hers is a fine voice,but just doesnt fit Samus' mood.(9.5/10)

    Difficulty - Gets hard at some points.Still kinda easy.When you beat the main story and go back in the game though,it gets harder.(8.9/10)

    Replay Value - Even if you try to get 100%,its pretty short.Fun to play over again though.Only problem is you cant really speed run because you cant skip cutsceens.(8.2/10)

    Overall - 9.4/10
  2. dills2

    dills2 Well-Known Member

    wasnt fusion for gba did they remake it on wii or something anyway ive gotta say it i prefer 2d metroid l
  3. finalmario

    finalmario Well-Known Member

    Yeah fusion was GBA.I dont think its been remade.Only one remade is the first one.People say Other M is like Fusion though.Not quite sure.
  4. dills2

    dills2 Well-Known Member

    fusion was my favourite metroid
  5. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    Even WITHOUT Images, this looks a little short.
  6. finalmario

    finalmario Well-Known Member

    There wasnt really much to say about this game.xD
  7. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    It is, it's more linear and more story focused, kinda like Fusion.
  8. ultra

    ultra Guest

    the ultimate paradox!
    how does something extinct be made alive?!

    the dinosaurs are long dead. how do we make unbeatable dinosaurs?! rofl! what the hell were they thinking?!

    this game is bad! if you paid $50 and played this game, you got suckered. this game is a good rental for the sake of curiousity. other then that, it's not worth owning! i don't know what the hell nintendo were thinking in making this game.
  9. ace1o1

    ace1o1 Well-Known Member

    I actually really am enjoying this game.
    It's a pretty awesome entry in the Metroid series.
  10. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    wtf, hard to understand...

    Fusion is for gba, but that was metroid 4, this is metroid 3.5 (after super and before fusion).

    Shut up man seriously.


    My thoughts...

    It's designed (as team ninja explained) for retired veterans or those new to the series to play, it is still tough in some sections but not "nintendo hard", more like "just a small hurdle" hard, it's a nice quick blast, it harks back to older metroid and for some reason it feelsalot like ninja gaiden, maybe they used some of the mechanics (and music score, compare it to the first ninja gaiden :p ).

    And ultra you need to explain the problems better...

    Only one problem, there is a glitch that stops you from continuing after sector 3 after you get the grapple beam, other than that, I say it's awesome :)

    Like the gamespot review, I give it 8.5, if they spend some more time and ditch the simplicity of the wii remote I reckon they COULD make a true metroid experience.

    The wii remote gameplay was to be easy as can be with minimal learning curve, in moments I'm switching from side scrolling to first person and still avoiding attacks...

    Then again, I have contra experience, so prehaps I'm better suited :p
  11. pulidohe1

    pulidohe1 New Member


    I am new to this and I am wondering after you download a Wii ROM and unzip it, how do you play it on the Wii?

    Thank you.
  12. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    I think playing Metroid on your Wii will be fun, you probably could find the iso file in the Main Download page.

    You're welcome.