Who Is stronger Naruto or sasuke?

Discussion in 'Naruto discussion' started by AnimeLovee, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. AnimeLovee

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    Who do u think is stronger?
  2. ace1o1

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  3. zerobahamut

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  4. Killua Zaoldyeck

    Killua Zaoldyeck Well-Known Member

    naruto if he use kyubi....
  5. Tian Maut

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  6. hahahahaha

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    Itachi gave Naruto a new power before he died, so Naruto could stop Sasuke if he goes mad(which he did). Can't wait to see what the power is...
  7. azlanshah

    azlanshah Well-Known Member

    Sasuke Rawkz!!!!Like My Avatar!!!!Lolz!~!!!
  8. lopusy

    lopusy New Member

    Naruto I Think .. Coz' Naruto is SUPERSTAR in This Comic and he is Strong and handsome too ~ ^.^
  9. Buppazugan

    Buppazugan Well-Known Member

    Can't stand Sasuke! I hope Naruto tears him a new one and shows no mercy!
  10. quickcaster

    quickcaster Well-Known Member

    naruto because even Madara Uchiha said that Sasuke couldnt defeat naruto.
  11. allkratos

    allkratos Well-Known Member

    Yeah NARUTO depends on himself and hardwork while SASUKE always want to activate his Mangekyo.Therefore NARUTO>SASUKE
  12. Daowiies

    Daowiies Well-Known Member

    Raw power; Naruto.
    Skills + vast array of jutsus; Sasuke
  13. t@n!

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  14. Blade5406

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    The author, lol >:D

  15. sinharvest24

    sinharvest24 Guest

    susuke if naruto doesn't use sage mode

    possible win for naruto with sage mode.


    sasuke will control the kyuubi...

    naruto got pwn

    sasuke is incredibly over-powered!!!

    sasuno is incredibly powerful!!!
  16. nemesis11

    nemesis11 Well-Known Member

    well if naruto can controll kyuubi totally then sasuke cant do shit,sasuke aint strong enough to controll kyuubi,,sasuno will only work if sasuke has enough shakra,sasuke runs out of shakra so fast,and naruto is known as the ninja with most shakra,sasuke is getting vision problems due to mangekyo abuse,and he isnt as powerfull as madara was when he atacked hidden leaf village controlling kyuubi,so there is no way that sasuke can beat naruto!
  17. Gangrel

    Gangrel Member

    I would say..........Naruto. I mean c,mon he's the main protagonist of the series. I wish later in the series,Killer Bee will meet Naruto and teach him on how to fully control the Kyubi inside him since Killer Bee is the only current person alive that can fully control a tailed beast,other than Yagura (Fourth Mizukage), Hashirama Senju,and Madara Uchiha.On top of that,the Kyubi is the most powerful out of all nine of the tailed beasts,and if Naruto can 100% take control of it,he'll become one badass ninja!!If that happens,................................................... Naruto+RasenShuriken+Jiraiya's Sage Mode+Kyubi's Power=R.I.P Sasuke!!!(maybe Madara too) :p
  18. cuccio123

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    Neither. Because they'll get so passionate and end up having gay, under aged sex,
    which leads to Sasuke getting pregnant and leaves Naruto to become a mother.

  19. KiLin

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    dun dun DUN! I sense fandom rising.

    Psychologically speaking... I'd say: Naruto.

    Sasuke became what he is due to a very strong childhood trauma. I mean, many criticize him but, looking back, there was this innocent kid who grew on the shadow of his older brother, and was ignored by his father. I think that, even though Sasuke felt somewhat inferior, he still looked up at his older brother and wanted to be like him. Then, one day Itachi kills his whole family. Poor thing. You can assume he is going to become some crazy maniac when he grows up.

    Dunno.. but maybe Naruto is able to see through his pain, and eventually chooses the "right path"?
    What I'm trying to say is that Sasuke's decisions are influenced by the events in his past, am I right??
    I can't be sure, I have a lot of Naruto to catch up with! Z_Z
  20. sokka101

    sokka101 Well-Known Member

    well sorry to my best friend scott but NARUTO