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Which came first? The Chicken or The Egg?

Discussion in 'Debates' started by AKOMISMO123, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    And therein lies your ignorance and why you should go read more, it's pretty common knowledge the this debate is actually "What came first? The Chicken or the Chicken Egg" as atleast that has philosophical importance. Or atleast I thought it was...
    Bringing Dinosaurs and the like into the debate is desperate and laughable.

    Also, some mammals DO lay eggs. Jus' saying.

    Again also, thanks for explaining evolution to tehuber. I'm 100% sure he doesn't understand the principles...
  2. calvin_0

    calvin_0 Well-Known Member

    there is? o_O

    New material to read XD
  3. Oteupaiecona

    Oteupaiecona Well-Known Member

    Also, based on the evidence presented by Tehuber, then the chicken came before the chicken egg.
    If the debate was about any kind of egg, then there would be no question the egg came first.Millions of years before the chicken.
    But the chicken egg specifically, had to come after the chicken had evolved that protein shown in Tehuber's link.
    That is of course, if we consider that for a chicken to be a chicken, it has to lay chicken eggs.
    Whatever bird it was before that protein had developed, it didn't lay chicken eggs, because that protein was missing.
    So a bird laid an egg that had a genetically mutated bird with this new protein.This mutated bird was the first chicken because it was the first bird to lay a chicken egg.
    Case closed.
    Any donations will be appreciated.
  4. damanali

    damanali Well-Known Member

    I want to ask, does mutation always comes inside the womb? Or is it possible to be mutated when your out of the womb?

    Example: ( Its a fictional example but at least i can give something to think about )

    In the movie The Fly, the guy there mutated when he was merge with a fly thus becoming a Flyman. Then had a son which is a Flyman based on his birth.

    Using this example and thinking the the son flyman came from the egg, Is it true that the flyman came first before the son flyman?

    If we go back to the chicken and the egg, would it be plausible if an anima, probably a egg-laying bird, was physically mutated and turned into a chicken then all its offspring would be the second generation chickens that came from eggs?

    To give an example: I have a Turkey, I showered it with a lot of radiation, and mutated it into a chicken, would it be possible that the Chicken came first then it will lay eggs and the Chicken egg would be second? Thus answering the question that the Chicken came first before the egg?
  5. Zydaline

    Zydaline Well-Known Member

    Cancer is a form of mutation.

    The most you're going to get is a retarded turkey, a misshapen turkey, or a turkey with an extra foot, etc. You're not going to get a brand new species of being.
  6. Oteupaiecona

    Oteupaiecona Well-Known Member

    In evolutionary terms, the turkey or fly man wouldn't really matter.
    What matters is the gene pool, not the individual.
    For example, the fly man had a mutation outside of the womb, but the rest of the human race are still humans.
    Then, as you said, he had an offspring, where the mutation now happened inside the womb, and the kid was born a mutated human.
    Now let's assume this kid has kids, and over the course of time these offspring keep having flyman offspring, until there is a distinct species of flymen who can no longer interbreed with regular humans.
    That's when you can count it as evolution.
    As for mutations per individual, as Zydaline already said, yes, they can happen outside the womb.
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    As Tehuber's link shows, scientists have already established that the chicken came first.
    Assuming of course, that a chicken only counts as a chicken if it can lay chicken eggs.
  7. calvin_0

    calvin_0 Well-Known Member

    its possible for mutation to happen in a fully growth animal, but not without negetive effect like tumor or cancer.

    also i forget to mention there is another way mutation can happen is when the genetic material dividing to make sperm and ovum, when it doesnt divide properly, it can cause the dna material to be incomplete or defective leading to mutation, but this kind of mutation rarely lead to good mutation, thats why they call it genetic defect.
  8. bobobob1

    bobobob1 Well-Known Member

    A better question is...which came first, the omlette or the fried chicken restaurant?
  9. spire208

    spire208 Well-Known Member

    It was the rooster, they're needed to fertilize the egg... Actually, why can't the chicken, egg and rooster have all come at the same time?