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Which came first? The Chicken or The Egg?

Discussion in 'Debates' started by AKOMISMO123, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. AKOMISMO123

    AKOMISMO123 Well-Known Member

    As the title states...

    Which came first? The Chicken or The Egg?

    State your reason why it came first.
  2. 6Toushiro9

    6Toushiro9 Well-Known Member

    Isn't it obvious. It was the egg because all the atoms and molecules in the world are combined making an egg which then reforms to make a chicken which the chicken then makes the egg eand so on.
    *NOTE: This is not true it is made by the imagination of 6Toushiro9
  3. calvin_0

    calvin_0 Well-Known Member

    Easily Egg, because evolution is cause by mutation that increase the survivability of the living being and mutation happen in the egg when it is developing.

    the egg keep mutated from one generation to the next until chicken is hatch, so Egg came before Chicken.
  4. DevilDinah

    DevilDinah Well-Known Member

    i disagree, i think the chicken adapted with the surrounding and then it laid an egg that became an adapted chicken.
  5. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    Define egg- do you mean any general egg or a chicken egg?
  6. 6Toushiro9

    6Toushiro9 Well-Known Member

    Nah, the emu egg that hatched the chicken. Of course it's the chicken egg. I think...
  7. Nick Man

    Nick Man Well-Known Member

    I think Nex is talking about dinosaur eggs or something of the like.
  8. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    I thought those micro-organisms were first.
  9. 6Toushiro9

    6Toushiro9 Well-Known Member

    -.- Ummm.... O~.K~ then~.
  10. nu885

    nu885 Well-Known Member

    the chicken came first

    atoms , molecules, bacteria evolved into the chicken and then the chicken laid the egg
  11. unqiueninja

    unqiueninja Well-Known Member

    Well,i think it could be the chicken first as it may be because it undergo some environment changes and mutate or evolve from a dinosaur era creature to a chicken as what we see today. ;D
  12. 6Toushiro9

    6Toushiro9 Well-Known Member

    Other way round.
  13. unqiueninja

    unqiueninja Well-Known Member

    not really
  14. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    You're were so close to saying something intelligent. So close.

    well done, you just ignored 99.99999999...% of life that has ever existed.
  15. harmony18arias

    harmony18arias Active Member

    Science proved that egg comes first
  16. 6Toushiro9

    6Toushiro9 Well-Known Member

    See. Told ya so.
  17. Corriger

    Corriger Well-Known Member

    Is there anything that science can't do?
  18. nu885

    nu885 Well-Known Member

    thank you haha it gets easier everyday ;)
  19. damanali

    damanali Well-Known Member

    Creationist believe that the Chicken came first before the egg.
    Evolutionist believe that the Chicken egg came first before the actual chicken.

    Due to lack of experiments to produce something to become a real-live chicken, I will side for now with creationist due to their sacred scripts showing that a god created everything. And in the Christian bible, nothing is stated that God created an egg, but it said it created birds, live stocks and even man.
  20. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    God created the chicken despite it being an evolutionary hybrid?