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What would you say to the user above if you woke up next to him/her ?

Discussion in 'Forum Games, Jokes & Random' started by rock91, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. thricee

    thricee Well-Known Member

    you do realise this is just a game :p and if you actually did wake up next to a girl you should probably NOT tell her to get out :p just saying.

    nothing about your behaviour though :p

    back to the game

    where did i put my keys >_>
  2. ab0456

    ab0456 Well-Known Member

    if anyone asks, this was your fault
  3. boxihead

    boxihead Well-Known Member

    if you'll excuse me, I have you to kill.
  4. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    What brings you here...?
  5. thricee

    thricee Well-Known Member

    the booze and your sexyness .what brings YOU here?
  6. ab0456

    ab0456 Well-Known Member

    why am i here and why is it all dark?
  7. slingshot182

    slingshot182 Well-Known Member

    You....you have zero abs
  8. orethrius

    orethrius Member

    I'm finding out new things about myself all the time! :D
  9. ab0456

    ab0456 Well-Known Member

    you know, i could ask "why?" but the answer would be disturbing
  10. naruto_152

    naruto_152 Member

    hyung!!!! make me food!
  11. orethrius

    orethrius Member

    Sure, I'm apparently open-minded, so whaddya have in mind? ;)
  12. Drenas789

    Drenas789 Active Member

  13. orethrius

    orethrius Member

    You're vastly overestimating your prowess. I was never in. :p
  14. Nitemare_ Plague

    Nitemare_ Plague Well-Known Member

    There's cab fare for you on the dresser. Bye
  15. ab0456

    ab0456 Well-Known Member

    i think this is my que to leave stealthfuly
  16. Drenas789

    Drenas789 Active Member

    get me my book