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What do you play for sport at school...or...What is your favourite sport?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by loveshermusic, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. dan122390

    dan122390 New Member

    skateboarding is my favourite
  2. dancedanceyo

    dancedanceyo Active Member

    lacrosse and tennis
  3. arceus12345

    arceus12345 Well-Known Member

    me and my friends play handball (a VERY HEAVILY MODIFIED version)
  4. Annanelle

    Annanelle Well-Known Member

    i dunno, i dance after school hours ballet, tap, contemporary, pointe, open and stretch
    but i'll play anything in PE! I love mucking around with a basket/soccer ball (which usually involves throwing it a my friend's head
  5. MessoMesso

    MessoMesso Well-Known Member

    ...Is wall-punching a sport?
  6. alukado

    alukado Well-Known Member

  7. wilder94

    wilder94 New Member

    RUGBYYYYY!!!!!!!! and i live in the US!
  8. Adam@Adam

    Adam@Adam Active Member

    Taekwondo, definatly. So fun!
  9. mavs123

    mavs123 Member

    basketball..its the most familiar games at philippines =D
  10. zeldafan12

    zeldafan12 Well-Known Member

    I run varsity cross country at my school
  11. Corriger

    Corriger Well-Known Member

    Cross Cuntry Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field
  12. shyam513

    shyam513 New Member

    I shoot for Rugby and Football - Along with my personal favourite - the High Jump
  13. Minus42

    Minus42 New Member

    Handball for life :D
  14. doggy-dj

    doggy-dj Guest

    Cross-country, athletics and swimming. owo
  15. siegleinx

    siegleinx Well-Known Member

    badminton and PIng POng
  16. 2DamCerius

    2DamCerius My eyes for your brain...fair trade.

    Basketball, football(international sort), badminton, tennis, and swimming are my favorites. Oh and mountain biking, nothing like riding the wind.
  17. doggy-dj

    doggy-dj Guest

    Football/Soccer <3
  18. LJ44

    LJ44 Active Member

    Why does no one do wrestling. Not the fake kind like WWF, real wrestling. Its the hardest sport, providing a physical and mental challenge at the same time. I hate it when people call it gay though, pisses me off
  19. j c 2000

    j c 2000 Well-Known Member

  20. NYman

    NYman Well-Known Member