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What do you play for sport at school...or...What is your favourite sport?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by loveshermusic, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. loveshermusic

    loveshermusic Well-Known Member

    At my school we play hockey, basketball, soccer, football, netball and some other games.
    But my favourite game that I play at school is hockey :D
    Whats yours?
  2. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    yes hockey fan right there
    high five loveshermusic
    we shall be best friends from now :D
  3. loveshermusic

    loveshermusic Well-Known Member

    bahahaha we shall :)
    high five :D
  4. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    high five

    goddamn I cant wait for hockey season to start
    Canadiens are so going to own this season
  5. GlidingGoose

    GlidingGoose Well-Known Member

    Im in Australia:

    I play AFL, Cricket, Bit of Hockey, Soccer
  6. loveshermusic

    loveshermusic Well-Known Member

    I am in australia as well.
  7. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

    Football of course :)
  8. kamuikurou

    kamuikurou Well-Known Member

    I love to play bowling with my classmates, it's very easy to pick up and everybody can play them. As for school, I only play sports at sport classes. Soccer, volleyball, and everything else.
  9. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    damn I thought hockey was getting more and more popular
  10. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 Well-Known Member

    Soccer and basketball
  11. AceKilla

    AceKilla Well-Known Member

    Basketball and Swimming
  12. GlidingGoose

    GlidingGoose Well-Known Member

    Oh, It is in Australia! Way too fast! Especially here in Melbourne
  13. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    how the hell do you guys get ice?
  14. Usoppu

    Usoppu Well-Known Member

    I played a lot of Football and Basketball at school

    I was best with Basketball due to my height.

    don't particularly have any faves, I enjoy playing most sports
  15. GlidingGoose

    GlidingGoose Well-Known Member

    Not ice hockey, just hockey, where you run on land
  16. kukuru

    kukuru Well-Known Member

    I played Hockey and Soccer,

    but for now, im trying out Petanque..
  17. GlidingGoose

    GlidingGoose Well-Known Member

    what the hell is petanque?
  18. kukuru

    kukuru Well-Known Member

  19. GlidingGoose

    GlidingGoose Well-Known Member

    Wow, wat an odd sport!
  20. kukuru

    kukuru Well-Known Member

    its kinda odd

    but it is fun to play