what are you guys gamer score

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by J A C O B, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. angelic_kratos

    angelic_kratos Active Member

    I'm at 33,909 atm but if I could be bothered to play all my games thoroughly could probably triple it :p Yeah, no life here either
  2. deanalexander

    deanalexander Well-Known Member

  3. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    8195 now.

    That's gone up quite a bit since my last post.
  4. mr.nintendo

    mr.nintendo Well-Known Member

    2,490 I am playing less games now a days
  5. jimjax10

    jimjax10 New Member

  6. omgwtfitzben

    omgwtfitzben Well-Known Member

  7. Yutrzenika

    Yutrzenika Well-Known Member

    I have 33,069. I've played a lot of games.
  8. msg2009

    msg2009 Romulations sexiest member

    whatever it says below
    i think i have 41 games
  9. Animated

    Animated New Member

    13150 on old acc, about 90 on new one (only use it to play online)
  10. sylar1000

    sylar1000 Well-Known Member

  11. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member


    i havent been able to play for like 6 months because of my grades, so probably in summer vacations, it will be higher
  12. Reider

    Reider Modereider


    Finally broke into the 5 digit mark. I'm just one step closer to having no life!
  13. meeuw

    meeuw Active Member

    I have 18445 at the moment
  14. ChazG93

    ChazG93 Well-Known Member

  15. vpersaud

    vpersaud New Member

  16. finalmario

    finalmario Well-Known Member

    Only 2010..(Hey,i got the year for my gamerscore! : P)

  17. HorrorOvYig

    HorrorOvYig Well-Known Member

    About 160 G.
    I just started out!
  18. dills2

    dills2 Well-Known Member

    well aint got xbox but on ps3 i got 200 an somethin trophys
  19. msg2009

    msg2009 Romulations sexiest member

    Theres a couple of people with higher scores than mine.......who fancies a competition?
    Can get a romu leaderboard going :)
  20. HorrorOvYig

    HorrorOvYig Well-Known Member

    Mr. Cat fancies a competition.

    Now you need to find him..