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What Anime/Manga are you Currently Watching/Reading?

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by Yutrzenika, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Yutrzenika

    Yutrzenika Well-Known Member

    Since there's an unjust lack of such a thread, I thought I'd go ahead and make one.
    Discuss whatever anime or manga it is that your watching or reading here!

    As for me, I've recently been watching Valkyria Chronicles.
  2. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

    I'm about half-way through the first season of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  3. yougotmail42

    yougotmail42 Active Member

    ^In the original random order or chronological order?

    I'm watching Occult Academy, Highschool of the Dead, Ergo Proxy (on hold: ep.7), Katanagatari (on hold: ep.4), Rainbow (on hold ep.6), and Heroman (on hold ep.3). Yeah, I have a lot of anime on hold, although I actually might get back to Heroman soon.
  4. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    High School of the Dead, Digimon Xros wars, and Casshern Sins. Though I'll be done with Casshern by the weekend most likely.
  5. p4tman

    p4tman Guest

    Bartender, Berserk, High School of the Dead, Mercenary Pierre.

    And also waiting on the newest release of Jojo.
  6. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    Reading the Toradora Light Novel, if that counts,
  7. Yutrzenika

    Yutrzenika Well-Known Member

    Yup, it counts.

    Anyways, got up to Episode 12 of Valkyria Chronicles. Watching it made me want to download the game demo again, and I must say that the game is very fun.
  8. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

    Original crazy order... also, I think I might have accidentally watched the ending.

    I watched Paprika today too; that is the weirdest movie I've seen in a long time.
  9. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    Ending, what ending? The series isnt over yet.
  10. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

    The ending to the 1st series that is...

    The one where Kyon and Haruhi are both trapped inside the school in their "dreams", and Haruhi begins to create another world.

    That is the ending... right?
  11. Mishy

    Mishy Well-Known Member

    Currently watching Bleach episodes, I have a lot of catching up to do.
  12. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

    Took me months to catch up with the current episodes when I started watching it... although I did skip over the fillers.
  13. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    No, not even close. There is no ending to the "First Series", as thats the first Season. You might as well skip to the end of the 2nd season when you get around to watching it. Theres good reason its called the Endless 8.
  14. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I meant to say season there. I suppose that's what I get when I start posting while half-asleep.
    Also did a bit of research and now realise that I've been a complete idiot.
    I didn't know that the "2nd" season was actually integrated into the first. And the episode which I thought was the end of the 1st season was actually the 6th episode.
  15. yougotmail42

    yougotmail42 Active Member

    The way I watched Haruhi was watch the first season in its original crazy order, then I went back and watched it all over again in chronological order with the season 2 episodes integrated in.

    (Side note: I was one of those people who didn't get all pissed off at the Endless 8 arc. Most likely because I was expecting it to be like that thanks to comments from annoyed fans. I started getting bored of it after the sixth time though.)
  16. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

    Are the Endless Eight episodes the same episode repeated over and over again with tiny changes?

    Also, I've decided to re-watch it from the beginning In Haruhi's order... less confusing that way. I'll probably watch it again from Kyon's perspective afterwards though. It is one hell of an interesting anime!
  17. yougotmail42

    yougotmail42 Active Member

    Pretty much. If you don't want to go through the whole thing, just watch the first and eighth episode. And maybe one between (I actually found the fourth one really interesting).

    And yeah, I went Kyon order then Haruhi order with season 2. Kyon order ending is much more powerful when you watch it the first time through, while Haruhi order ending is better on the second.
  18. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    Wait, whats the difference between the 2 orders? Is one Chronological and the other the original Air order? (Also, when I first watched Haruhi I watched it in Chronological order)
  19. themeowmixer

    themeowmixer Member

    I've been going on a nostalgic trip through anime lane lately, so I've been rewatching Cowboy Bebop, Lain, Chobits, and Evangelion.

    I might even rewatch, and finish, Escaflowne this time! :D
  20. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    If your watching Eva again, I suggest watching the Evangelion Rebuild movies. They are quite awesome.