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Voting for "The Golden Joystick" Awards now Open!

Discussion in 'PC' started by Cahos Rahne Veloza, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    For those of you who voted for last year's Golden Joystick Awards and got a hold of XCOM Enemy Unknown, you should be receiving an email notification about this year's awards and this time the free Steam game is going to be "Bioshock Infinite". If you wanted this game for a while now but couldn't afford it before, now here's your chance to grab a free copy on Steam. Just vote for the nominated games for this year's awards and you're guaranteed yourself a free copy at the end of the voting period. I personally dislike FPS games because I suck at them but I'll be grabbing this one as well for the Steam Trading Cards for it.

    Anyhoo, if you didn't vote for last year's awards or if you've accidentally deleted the email thinking it was just some spam, here's the voting page for this year's awards:


    Disregard that notice about getting the game for just £1/$1/€1 as this promo will definitely give you the game for free, unlike they did last year.

    RFE: Addendum:

    Uh-oh, why does FireFox keeps on warning me that the GreenManGaming link is untrustworthy :eek:

    RFE: Addendum Final

    OK seems they have fixed the issue regarding the GreenManGaming link. Clicking on it SHOULD direct you here:


    Also I was wrong :p

    They do expect you pay one USD, pound or Euro to get the game... :(
  2. Dark Infernape

    Dark Infernape Raiden 雷電

    Hey Thanks! ;D But Damn no free game this Time :'(

    The Voucher Code gives you a 95% off and you'll have to spend 1$ right.

    The Referral Program on GMG gives you and your friend 2$ for every friend who joins through your link.

    But to get into the referral program you should have already spent some money on purchases on GMG. :|
  3. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    @Dark Infernape:

    Yeah GMG and PlayFire give out LAME giveaways, or falsely advertise them a lot.

    They've advertised several of these on Epic Bundle as well and a lot of people got pissed at them really fast including myself :p