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Discussion in 'Forum Games, Jokes & Random' started by IceFiend, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. phscarface

    phscarface Well-Known Member

    ^False, only two are opriginal. 60/60 games for ps2 are pirates, pc gta iv and re5 are original.
    <gonna download ds games..
    Vhave wii emulator?
  2. snoopigin

    snoopigin Guest

    ^ yes
    < i use dolphin wii emualtor (dont have any games for it though)
    V has ds emulator
  3. phscarface

    phscarface Well-Known Member

    ^yup no$gba 2.6a. (both gba and ds in one!)
    < downloading resident evil deadly silence for ds
    V why don't you google isos for wii snoopigon?
  4. snoopigin

    snoopigin Guest

    ^did that, theyr all bull**** sites
    < iv got no$gba too
    V still needing help with that.. (the wii ISO's)
  5. larryrox

    larryrox Member

    ^ yes because i never knew how either way
    < wishes i could get free wii games
    v wishes the same thing
  6. nitemarezero147

    nitemarezero147 Well-Known Member

    ^ yes i do
    < like to listen to European techno only (im half-Mexican half-American)
    V do you like foreign music
  7. phscarface

    phscarface Well-Known Member

    ^ I like gangsta rap. Games themes.
    < one of Resident evil 5 translators.
    V Do you like resident evil series?
  8. Mateus M.

    Mateus M. Well-Known Member

    ^yes I like
    <I've been without a pc for almost 1 month but now its fixed and now I'm back to Romu XD
    V have your PC ever broke?
  9. super_pastafari32

    super_pastafari32 Well-Known Member

    ^no i don't
    <I'm boored since 2weeks ago
    Vdo you feel bored?
  10. nitemarezero147

    nitemarezero147 Well-Known Member

    ^ no
    < I suck at DotA
    V do you play custom warcraft 3 maps
  11. super_pastafari32

    super_pastafari32 Well-Known Member

    ^ no
    < i prefer 2D games because i think they are the best
    V you are a retro gamer? or a new gen gamer? or maybe well balanced as i am?
  12. redoperator

    redoperator Well-Known Member

    <prefers nes & snes games and PS3/PC games
    v is a PC game player
  13. Fumiko

    Fumiko New Member

    ^ Does DS emulators on the computer count?
    < It's good to be back on romulation :3
    v Didn't notice I was gone...
  14. Mateus M.

    Mateus M. Well-Known Member

    ^no,I noticed that you wasnt posting anymore
    <ended sands of destruction yesterday!
    V have you played or even ended sands of destruction?
  15. melfice666

    melfice666 Well-Known Member

    ^yes and no
    < is at school
    V goes school
  16. Buppazugan

    Buppazugan Well-Known Member

    ^No i go to college cos i'm a big boy :p
    <Is off college for a week
  17. Omega00

    Omega00 Well-Known Member

    ^ Umm...no, I don't even wear shorts ever, I'm a pants guy.
    < Is playing Dissidia.
    V Likes Final Fantasy
  18. Mateus M.

    Mateus M. Well-Known Member

    ^I Like Final Fantasy for sure
    <playing Ragnarok DS
    V Do you like Ragnarok DS?

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