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.:: Upcoming Nintendo DS | 3DS Games 2011 ::. *UPDATED*

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by meganova, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. simona12

    simona12 Active Member

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky (Europe) (En,Fr,Ge,It,Es) game is out i think is rom 4468
  2. megashell

    megashell Well-Known Member

    wow, gamefreak should really actualy make a real 3ds pokemon game! O_O
    Not rumble pokemon toys! thats frigen lame! any other pokemon games suck aside from the exploration ones.

    And so looking forward to animal crossing whenever thats coming out.
    and RUNE FACTORY!!
  3. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    DS upcomming

    Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure (Nintendo DS)

    (Euro) September 21, 2012


    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Nintendo DS)

    (Euro) September 21, 2012

  4. summerxxxx1

    summerxxxx1 Well-Known Member

    :) hi guys just wondering if there is any 3ds games that work with 3ds,s yet, ive been away from the ds scene for a while so feels like I know nothing xxx :eek:
  5. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    Original game work yes, ROM 3DS games yes but only one gateway flashcard, but your 3DS has to be below a Certain firmware date, new update of firmware can block you're 3DS while use with Gateway.

    Long time no see welcome back :)