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[tweak][Free]mod for summoners war found

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by Egbert234, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Egbert234

    Egbert234 New Member

    I find a mod which is amazing for playing game--xmodgames
    ::) ;D
    1 Add damage (increase your damage from1to 10 to opponents)
    2 Add speed (increase speed from 1 to 10)
    3 Sub damage (Minus damage from 1to 10 from your opponents )*attention:this function will faile somtimes when it is on the higher degree

    For iDevice users

    1 Jailbroken iDevice
    2 Cydia Substrate
    3 xmodgames

    Instructions for Installation in iDevice:

    For Android users

    1 Rooted phone
    2 xmodgames

    Download in Android system:
    search for xmodgames in google play and amazon

    Instructions for Activation:
    1.Open the App 'xmodgames' from HomeScreen.
    2.make sure you have down loaded Summoners war and click it.
    3.Install the mod,then click “launch” to start the game.
    4.Click the “X” to start to hack your game]
    5.The effect of Add damage.
    6.The effect of Sub damage
    7. Enjoy it and be the most powerful summoner!

    Xmodgames also have mods for other games (Clash of Clans/ Boom Beach/ Summoners War/ Candy Crush/ Ace Fishing...etc.)


    xmodgames Team (for the hack)