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[TUTORIAL] The Ultimate Wii Hacking Guide for N00bs

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Kiekoes, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. wenandjjj

    wenandjjj Member

    Yes I think so we when it was in the wii the first time and you get the message to load the letterbomb, I installed the homebrew and the bootmi was i supposed to do that or was i supposed to ignore them all and just press continue and then exit.
  2. Jonez001

    Jonez001 Well-Known Member


    Maybe try to install HackMii again.
    I really dunno much about the topic. Maybe you need to go a place like WiiBrew for your problem
  3. wenandjjj

    wenandjjj Member

    ok thanks for you help
  4. Jonez001

    Jonez001 Well-Known Member

    It is your help ;)

    You are welcome.
  5. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

    Oh... This version is super outdated. This is 1.0, I'm already at 1.2 with method E an F. I will update soon!
  6. Jonez001

    Jonez001 Well-Known Member

    :x Kiekoes... maybe that wasn't a good idea to get this outdated... Anyway lucky that you notice it then
  7. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

  8. amskhan

    amskhan Active Member

    guys how can i format my harddrive for this kind of thing?
    i know u use wbsf manager but if i dont partition and just make for wii thenh my pc cant access it...
    i need a partition for both ... but my hard drive has some glitch in it
    its like its a 120 gb hard drive that fits the guidlines. but when i formated it it went down to 50 gb how do i get my other 70 gb back?

    data recovery is not an issue
  9. msg2009

    msg2009 Romulations sexiest member

    Thanks Kiekoes, im gonna do the letterbox thing tomorrow, it looks easy.
  10. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

    UPDATED TO v2!
  11. Jonez001

    Jonez001 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Kiekoes, I disagree. I use this for ALL my games. And it still works fine. It saves money on discs and when you buy a big usb you can put many ISO's on it. So you don't need to swap discs
  12. Joel16

    Joel16 Well-Known Member

    Kiekos is banned ? :-\
  13. guys i need help i got the usb loader on my wii the gx one and this custom usb loader. thing is if i use gx it jsut resets my wii (when i click on the spinning disk that is) and the other one jsut gives me a error code when i select a game plus i see the message "this is not a valid wii image" my cd drive broke and i want o be able to use my external as a wii game hd (already doing so) but how do i get this thing to run my backups? plz plz plzzzzz!!!! help a guy out here. thanks
  14. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    I see that installing the home brew Chanel looks easy and yes I have Firmware v4.3 so can use letterbomb .


    My question is, Is installing USB Loader GX 4.3 Updated Version offline installing safe ?

    Files from Here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7w5qxu

    Like to do this


    I wanted to make sure as "I Do not have Wifi at home"

    Here are the instructions for offline

    Also making sure I do not brick the system, most I can find is most on line is using it vr wifi

    So I can use emulators and backup my own games.

    Simple answers are most welcome, and help on this Q@A ?

    Are anyone who has done it ?, can let me know if they had success .
  15. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    OK managed to get it softmod ed with above methard, pick up a Gamecube pad and memcard to.

    Although got a Code Dump after CD update on launch of usb loader , So reinstall the above firmware worked into fixing this problem, Its seam to be caused by wii CD Update, So need to disable CD Updates using Priiloader & hacks_hash.ini on hack option worked.

    Hope this tip work for anyone with same issue .
  16. Mastersword2344

    Mastersword2344 New Member

    Hey, thanks for making this great tutorial, but it seems a lot of the downloads no longer work. I don't know how many are broken, but I know that the files for Step X are no longer available. Is there some way you could fix this, or could you tell me how to get these files some other way? I know the last time you looked at this place was ~three years ago, but I'd love to move the ISOs I download from Romulation and play them on my Wii.

    Thanks, if you even looked at this.

    Wait, ignore that. It seems that the creator has been banned......
    If ANYONE knows what those files were, please tell me. I really want to play games with a GameCube controller instead of using a keyboard.
  17. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    You're looking for 'Kiekoes' regarding his topic? Try reaching: Profile of JesseRules.
  18. 100mVideoGames

    100mVideoGames New Member

    When I do click download in step x in method d, it says the files are not available for download. Will it work by just downloading the other linked files and following the directions? Thanks!
  19. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

  20. PhilBilo15

    PhilBilo15 New Member

    Hi there ! I want to play ti DDR and does the game saved with this hack ?