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[TUTORIAL] Ryujinx Emulator for SWITCH

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Prectorian, Apr 12, 2020.

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  1. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    This is a quick guide to setup Ryujinx emulator. As the emulator is still in continuous development, this tutorial is only valid at time of writing. FYI; at time of this post, the latest Ryujinx is v.1.0.7692, the latest prod.keys is v.9.1.0, and the latest firmware is v.9.2.0.

    What you need:
    1. Latest Ryujinx emulator : Download from here
    2. Switch's Prod.Keys
    3. Dumped of Switch's firmware or a dumped rom of .xci format
    4. Dumped game rom to play (.nsp or .xci format) - (check supported game list on the emulator site)
    1. Download the emulator from the site
    2. Launch the emulator (ryujinx.exe), and click FILE tab, and then OPEN RYUJINX FOLDER
    3. Place the prod.keys file in the SYSTEM FOLDER, shut down emulator
    4. Re-launch emulator, this time click TOOLS, and then INSTALL FIRMWARE
    5. Choose INSTALL A FIRMWARE FROM XCI OR ZIP if you're going to use an .xci game rom or a dumped firmware which has been compiled into .zip package. Alternatively choose INSTALL A FIRMWARE FROM A DIRECTORY if you've dumped the firmware from your Switch console/got it from somewhere on the internet and had placed it in a certain directory (easiest is to use the .xci method as you won't need to dump your console's firmware or search for someone's dumped files on the net). You don't need to install the latest firmware, any above v.5.0 is ok! But some games might need higher than v.5.0 (but I can't confirm on this matter).
    6. Again shut down the emulator, and re-launch
    7. This time choose OPTIONS and then SETTINGS (step 8 - 11 are to help improve your emulation speed)
    8. Under GENERAL, untick ENABLE DISCORD RICH PRESENCE, and ADD the game directory/folder where you store your game rom(s)
    9. Under INPUT, make sure configure your game controller by clicking on player 1, then in there choose XINPUT controller, assign buttons, set the deadzone slider to 0.15 to prevent drifting, then choose ADD PROFILE, assign a name for your configured settings, and hit LOAD
    10. Under SYSTEM, set your region, language, time zone, and untick the first 3 boxes, but make sure to tick the IGNORE MISSING SERVICES
    11. Don't need to touch GRAPHICS, just skip straight to LOGGING, and untick all the boxes. SAVE
    12. If your game rom has update, then right click on the rom name/icon, and choose MANAGE TITLE UPDATES, locate the updater file, and choose ADD
    13. If you want to use game save provided by others, then right click the rom name/icon, and choose OPEN USER SAVE DIRECTORY, and copy-paste the savefile you wish to add
    14. Time to play! Double click the game rom.
    1. In the event your game doesn't have sound or it sounds choppy, try to install this to your pc: https://www.openal.org/downloads/.
    2. In the event the emulator refuse to launch (step 2), make sure you've at least Microsoft .NET 3.0 or newer : https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/current/runtime.
    3. In the event when you try to add/install updater file and the emulator hangs, that means your prod.key is below the version needed to run the rom and to install the updater, in this case, you need to locate a newer version of that key and replace the file in step 3.
    4. Make sure to keep the updater file added in the same location after added (Step 12), otherwise you'll need to re-add it again.
    5. Likewise, you might need to update your emulator's firmware every now and then by doing step 4, 5, and 6 again, but at time of this topic writing, Ryujinx need a min of firmware v.5.0.x (x being any number greater than 0) to run.
    6. If you want to add the title.keys though not necessary, then place it together with prod.keys (step 3).
    7. Make sure to check the emulator's official website, or the linked sources below for further info if a game you wish to play is playable already on the emulator or not.
    8. As you'll notice from this tutorial, I didn't include any links to the prod.keys, title.keys, rom, nor firmware. You've to either dump it from your game console or search online. But for your info, the prod.keys and title.keys used for Ryujinx is the same as the one needed to run Yuzu emulator.
    9. At time of this post, it is not possible to add .dlc files to the rom from inside the emulator, nor play online. Also you can't yet edit the user profile name as it is hard coded into the program. By default it'd be "Ryujinx", so just bear with it.
    10. Lastly, I won't be routinely updating this topic, in fact I most probably likely won't be unless I'm in the mood to do so. And you'd probably already noticed, I locked this topic as I won't be entertaining any questions, request for those copyrighted files, nor PM. So yeah, Good luck!
    For info update, check;
    Ryujinx's official Twitter account : https://twitter.com/RyujinxEmu
    BSoD Gaming Youtube account : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCex2B-k-ZIJhcjRdlYUz4MQ
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  2. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Adding DLC or build an all in 1 game rom - external method:


    1. This tool enables you to add updater and DLC files to your game rom. You can use .NSP or .XCI format game rom.
    2. You need to add a copy of your latest prod.keys file which you must rename as keys.txt, and place it inside the folder "ztools".
    3. Launch NSCB.bat for the purpose mentioned, be sure to prepare a copy of the game rom, patch file (updater/dlc) in .nsp/ .xci format.
    4. Follow the steps as mentioned in the above linked video; basically you'll want to first add the game rom first, then the updater, and lastly the dlc(s), one at a time.
    5. Be sure to double-triple check you've all the files you wanted to add and none are double added. Then just compile by following the method mentioned.
    6. Once done, you should be able to find the rebuilt rom in the NSCB_Output folder.
    7. If you run Interface.bat, you can load a rom (.nsp/.xci) and see its details; game ID, language choices, etc.
    8. Using this tool can be intimidating at first, but if you follow the steps calmly, you should be accustomed to using it without needing the guidance any more in no time at all.
    9. This tool can be use for Ryujinx and Yuzu. But it is mostly needed to help add dlc for use on Ryujinx, as the emulator can now read updater file, but not yet for dlc. While for Yuzu, it's not needed for adding either updater or dlc.
  3. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

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