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[TUTORIAL] How to Run NDS games through BIOS on No$gba

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by meganova, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

    This tutorial was made for No$gba users, especially to those who are having problem running NDS games using this method.
    Use CTRL+F for an easy navigation.

    == Index == [BIOE]
    1) Things you Need to make it work [BIOT]
    2) Encrypting instructions [BIOE]
    2) Step by step configurations [BIOF]
    3) FAQs [BIOF]
    4) Credits [BIOC]

    == Things you Need to make it work [BIOT] ==
    - No$gba 2.6a, of course this method can't be done without it.
    - No$Zoomer, *OPTIONAL* but I still RECOMMEND you to use it.
    - 3 rom files, which are very IMPORTANT.

    • gba.rom
    • biosnds7.rom
    • biosnds9.rom
    * these files should be placed in the root of your No$gba, e.g C:\No$gba.
    - firmware.bin , needed for the MULTI language games(with English available), as well to keep the language in English when in BIOS screen.
    - eNDryptS Advanced v1.2, this is needed for encrypting the game.

    File(s) that needed to be taken note of when doing this method.
    - no$gba.ini
    - this file contain all settings for your No$gba, and can be located in your No$gba root folder(e.g C:\No$gba).
    - can be edited, modified IF you know what needed to be put it there.
    - in this method, take note of this line.

    Reset/Startup Entrypoint == 
    == Encrypting instructions [BIOE] ==
    This MUST be done before running the games through BIOS, skipping this step may cause No$gba to crash, freeze or shutdown by itself during the gameplay, this probably due to some bugs and compatibility issues No$gba has at the moment. Although, some people able run the game without encrypting it, I still suggest you to do it, since the result they have may vary than yours. Well, JUST TO BE SAFE.

    In this tutorial, we'll use eNDryptS Advanced v1.2 as the program for encrypting.
    [1] get yourself a copy of it.
    You can download this program from the main site, or mirrors located at the bottom of this post. Or Google for it.

    [2] put all files into a folder
    After you have downloaded it, extract all files(if it come as .rar/.zip) or install it(in installer) into a folder.
    Depending from which sources you download it from, you should have these files.
    eNDryptS Advanced.exe
    eNDryptS Advanced.txt

    Both eNDryptS Advanced.exe and PatchEngine.dat files are required for encrypting, missing either of the two may cause the program fail to run, etc. The rest is just optional.

    [3] put your NDS rom file(s) into the folder
    Before running the program, make sure to put your NDS rom file(s) that needed to be encrypted into this folder, make sure it was place on the root of this folder, not in sub-folder.

    [4] running the program
    Click eNDryptS Advanced.exe to start the program, the program may take some time to start depending on which OS you're using.
    After that, notice six options that available on eNDryptS Advanced(eA), where only 3 are available for use : (1)Decrypt/Encrypt rom(s), (5)Detect Manufactured Overdumps, and (0)Close eNDryptS Advanced.


    For this tutorial, we will only use (1) and (0).

    [5] encrypting the Rom file(s)
    By pressing the corresponding numbers on your keyboard will give further instruction to eA,
    so to start the encrypting process, press the 1 button.


    You should be able to see the same window with the above image.
    During this process the program will try to encrypt the rom file(which you had placed earlier in the previous step), just wait until it finished, which can be noteable on the last message,


    After that, press any key on your keyboard to close the window.
    and rename the rom(optional), e.g Golden Sun Dark Dawn(encypted).nds

    OR you will get this instead if there are no rom in the eA folder.


    To fix this, just put the rom inside the folder.

    **NOTE : For Windows Vista/7 user, you will get two pop out windows during the encrypting process, which asking you to find the correct program to run PatchEngine.da1 file. To prevent this, just make sure to run eA with Administration Rights by right clicking eA, and choose to Run as Administrator on the menu. Although you can just cancel it, but it's not recommended.

    The first part has done! now we move to the second one!

    == BIOS configurations [BIOF] ==
    In this section, we will go through to the process to make No$gba running through BIOS, which can be done after you had done all of the previous steps.
    You can do it either by using ONLY No$gba, or WITH its addon, No$Zoomer. So, for this tutorial I'll use No$Zoomer. (which you will need to use anyway after configuring the BIOS on No$gba)

    [1] Files that Needed to Run the BIOS
    Before we start, let's confirm all the files that are required in this method are exist and placed in your No$gba root folder(e.g C:\No$gba).
    Those files are :

    • gba.rom
    • biosnds7.rom
    • biosnds9.rom
    • firmware.bin *optional*

    and the ROM you have encrypted earlier.


    [2] setting the BIOS mode on No$zoomer/No$gba
    If you have all the files from the previous step, then you can proceed with the BIOS configuration.
    First, run your No$Zoomer(or No$gba), run ANY games to get access to the configuration menu.
    Then go to Emulation Setup(through Options) or Press F11 on your keyboard.


    After that, under the Reset/Startup Entrypoint, change it to 'GBA BIOS (Nintendo Logo)', and click the OK button at the bottom.
    Then go back to Options, select 'Save Options'. This should prevent any changes you made on the emulation settings be reverted back to its previous state.


    Exit No$Zoomer(Alt+F4 or File -> Exit), and run it again.

    [3] loading the game on BIOS mode
    Now come the crucial part(well, not really), select the ROM you have encrypted before(in this tutorial, I select Golden Sun Dark Dawn rom).


    If you have followed all the previous steps, the emulator should direct you to the BIOS screen, if its not and just show black/white screen, or some errors, delete the 'no$gba.ini' file(which I have reminded you before) or change or delete the command line(check [BIOT] section) and restart the BIOS configuration again.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And that will conclude this tutorial, hope this will help those who need it. :)
    If you have any question/suggestion feel free to post it here or PM me.

    == Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ==
    Q: Why should I go through all this to play ROM on my No$gba/No$Zoomer?
    A: With this method, you're able to run some unplayable games(mostly newer) on No$gba, just like playing new PSP games on CFW, etc.

    == Download Link(s) ==
    No$gba 2.6a : nocash.emubase | 4shared
    No$zoomer : Romulation | 4shared
    eNDryptS Advanced v1.2 : no-intro | 4shared
    Full Package : 4shared
    Full Package(with Debugger) : by Jhon 591

    == Credit(s) ==
    - Romulation, for approving this Tutorial
    - Martin Korth, for his No$gba release
    - and some other sources

    **NOTE : If you want to use any details from this tutorial, please ask me BEFORE using it! 'Nuff said.
  2. dedboy

    dedboy Guest

    Comprehensive, easy to read, well detailed and very informative.
    Thanks for the time you spent to put this up, it has already helped me with some game issues I had.
    Thanks again 'Nova
  3. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    My youtube video

    How to run most games with black or white screen issues on loading, Through No$zoomer alone without encrypting the ROM it's self


    NO$GBA 2.6a - Full Package+Debugger-version


    All bios-es and firmware.bin included

    No$gba Debugger Password: Veta
  4. g@l1h

    g@l1h Well-Known Member

    Hm... this is something new.
    I've been wondering how to use those eNDryptS Advanced thingy.

    Nice one Mega.
  5. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

    Added links to the first post.
  6. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

  7. fclinux001

    fclinux001 Well-Known Member

    what happens if you click the pictochat button aka if you have no$gba running two systems can you use pictochat?
  8. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

    That function is not yet been implemented on No$gba,
    If you use it, nothing will happen.
  9. garg_priyansh

    garg_priyansh Well-Known Member

    How are you running golden sun dark dawn without any graphic glitches.
  10. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

    GSDD graphic glitches on No$gba+No$Zoomer only happen at the early of the game, but getting better as you playing through it.
  11. gamerace19

    gamerace19 Well-Known Member

    hmm yeah what mega said but i got crashed image when i tried to use tram to get djinn in carver camp light the thing and it starts to move then bam image crash
  12. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    I don't think that one game was entended for this whole Tutorial
  13. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

    Have you encrypted that Rom?
  14. gamerace19

    gamerace19 Well-Known Member

    yeah I encrypted it with the encrypt tool you posted lol if i hadnt read this i'd probably would have not done so lol
  15. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    Are you using a Patched ROM are Clean ROM ? - Even though you need to encrypt it, are use the Clean ROM decrypted as is with this video methard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPwZeVIwV1Q
  16. gamerace19

    gamerace19 Well-Known Member

    its clean.. and hmm the crash seems to be random and happens if you play too long .....not sure why though... the fix? easy just save and close the emulator then restart it again and resume lol this isnt the first game ive played that had this problem tbh where when playing too long at a time it will get unstable and eventually crash.
  17. garg_priyansh

    garg_priyansh Well-Known Member

    Well i prefer desmume much more than no gba because there wont be any graphic glitches,sound glitches,crashes etc.etc while playing gsdd.
  18. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

  19. Rewiinded

    Rewiinded New Member

    For me the eNDryptS Advanced unfortunately does not work. Even though I have the rom (exactly the same as the one you were using) in the correct folder it still gives a message that it cannot be found. The message however is different from yours. It shows the following (they are both Golden Sun roms)

    eNDryptS Advanced v1.2
    Copyright (c) 2006 by SolidSnake & Friends
    !!! World Domination (enjoy www.gbadat.altervista.org) !!!

    Scanning directory for *.nds / *.ids files ... 2 rom(s) found.

    Decrypted --> Encrypted..........: - rom(s) passed
    Encrypted --> Decrypted..........: - rom(s) passed

    Decryption / Encryption failed...: 2Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet v
    Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden.
    !!! 2 rom(s) failed (see Results.txt) !!!t vinden.
    Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden.
    Press any key to close the window!

    "Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden." means the following: "The system cannot find the specified file."

    Results.txt shows the following:
    Decryption / Encryption failed...: Golden Sun Dark Dawn.nds
    Decryption / Encryption failed...: XXXX_Golden_Sun_Dark_Dawn (U) (Lolcatz).nds

    edit: If you were to post your encrypted version would I be able to use it too?

    edit 2: Managed to get it to work but it only runs at around 17 fps (around 65%)
  20. moo31

    moo31 Member

    really dump question but for step 5 encrypting the rom files u say to press 0. but the window clearly says 0 closes the endrypt advance. so iunno how to get to step 6.
    Post Merge: [time]1301510882[/time]
    oh nvm. i guess it's just a typo on your part. i think u meant press 1. haha got it