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Tutorial: How to Patch Pokemon Black and White [Complete Guide]

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SDamonCronous, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Darkcastlord

    Darkcastlord New Member

    Hello all, so I downloaded the rom,emulator,patch files at the begining of this forum. I already had emulator expericence so it was easy for me and all things worked, except saving.
    I put in the action replay code that was for fixing the saving problem, but it didnt work.
    everytime I try to save it says something like "unable to write a report" and then goes back to the game.
    So my question is how do i fix this?
  2. SDamonCronous

    SDamonCronous Well-Known Member

    Try following '///How to fix universal errors (ERROR=-4, ERROR=-5 etc.)///'

    Ok, so make a new notepad file. Paste in the code given. Go 'File', then 'Save As'. Name the file 'GUI.bat' and underneath where you name the file, change the drop box to 'all files'. Then save the file. Done ;)

    Because you are using the wrong save format. Do this:
    1. Click 'options'
    2. Click 'emulation setup'
    3. In the left column, second from the bottom, it says 'NDS-Cartridge Backup Media'. Make sure that is set on 'Auto' or '512'.

    Hope I have helped you three
  3. mex2005

    mex2005 New Member

    Thanks a lot for this detailed guide, your instructions were the only ones clear enough for me to fix the saving problem on no&gba. The rom crashing issue gets annoying sometimes, but sadly there is no fix for that.

    FOGBAR New Member

    SDamonCronous.. any idea to prevent rom crashes?
    Do crashes only appear during trainer battles?

    Some people don't seem to have this issue...

    And is this crashing issue no$gba specific? or it affects iDeaS/DesMumE as well
  5. mex2005

    mex2005 New Member

    I played through the whole game on no$$gba and yes rom crashes happen only during battles.
    I heard that on DesMume these crashes do not happen but it runs very slow, not sure about this.
  6. Brood_Star

    Brood_Star New Member

    to those experiencing the rom crashes on nozoomer:

    i got rid of this
    in the cheat codes and it has been running swell for half an hour

    i did also have the r4.dat nogbafix that pkmn-catcher.com gave me in their nozoomer file which contains the following code

    so basically i have the above code instead
  7. kenneth29

    kenneth29 New Member

    i got stuck at exp patch
    i ran raku2 hex patch but when i enter the code, all i got data format error...

    if anyone would help me, pleaseee personally =)
    my msn is [email protected] and i'm in asia a bit time difference though

    i patched ysmenu to play yugioh 2010 but this one, is a bummer for me
    no luck in everything please help

    i don't know what to do mostly so a chat would help =D

    main problem now
    Rom loading failed
    load rom errcode=-4
    Please reset system
    i can't encrypt the game
    maybe because the patch is wrong

    i use a r4 clone
    i was able to play yugioh 2010 with the help of ysmenu.
  8. 0ravekiller0

    0ravekiller0 New Member

    Thank you very very much. they both work. otherwise I wouldn't have been able to play these games. you should continue your great work on other games. ;D ;D 8)
  9. darkstros

    darkstros Member

    How can we find out when the final part of the game is translated (C-gear info, online trades)?
    Including the new English names of the Pokemon/cities.
    please let me know!
    Or just e-mail @ [email protected]!
  10. Actionfrank

    Actionfrank Member

    The current content of the MicroSD card I put in my R4 is as such: [​IMG]

    When I turn it on, I don't get past the loading screen. Please, if you can tell from just this picture, what is my problem and how can I fix it?
  11. Oshie

    Oshie New Member

    First off, thanks for the thread, it's been really helpful.

    My issue is an in game one, hopefully someone will be able to help me with it. The translation and AP patches seem to work just fine, but the screen where all the icons are (Bag, Pokemon, Pokedex, etc.) is blank. It has the background (pink in my case) and that is all. In battle, the commands come up perfectly, but when I am roaming there is nothing to select. I am using DeSmuMe

    Any help would be appreciated!
  12. smesty

    smesty New Member

    Thankyou so much for this, but one thing is bugging the crap out of me.

    The fact that the names of all the Pokemon is in English but they are the Japanese names and not the English ones. Most have been changed according to sites that show the Pokedex of all the Pokemon compaired to the verson i have.

    I have v6. Does this change in v7? cause i have to know before i can download it.

    Thanks. I really need to know.

  13. Exemplik

    Exemplik New Member

    Ok I used the guide for R4 III Clones and I got the errorcode=-4, so then I used the guide to fix that and it's gone, now I have the r4dldi.dat errorcode so I fixed that and it's gone but now I have the white screen which before the top screen was black and bottom screen was white and after I used the Wood R4 fix for that now it's white on the top and bottom screen but the game still doesn't load, I got my R4 from r4iii.com and it's a clone. Can someone please help me and just wondering for the YSMenu do you have to make a games folder on the root of your card where TTMenu is or can you put just the games on the root and boot from there? I have patched the game also using the patches from here and the eNDcrytS.

    So to sum it up I have the white screen and have used the Wood R4 but it isn't working. Any ideas? I think I've tried everything D:
  14. SDamonCronous

    SDamonCronous Well-Known Member

    So your using an R4 III, am I correct? Have you patched the game of Anti-piracy? That normally helps in these sorts of situations...
  15. tekken179

    tekken179 Member

    i have tried several options but alas no joy :(

    putting r4 wood or the clones on my ds results in this


    please check out my post it might help to my problem.
  16. user.nds

    user.nds New Member

    Help me PLEASE!

    Lets begin. i downloaded the Pre-patched white ROM.

    i did the Anti-piracy section using method 2 (if that helps), i didn't use the universal patch because i haven't had that message, should i?

    i haven't used any emulator patches because i haven't used an emulator for any ROM i have played ever. should i use the emulator patches?

    the only firmware patch i have used is the white screen fix but i am still getting this problem. i aren't that sure what R4 card i am using, all i can tell you is that it is the very first one to be released, i think. Although i have used the How to play Pokemon B/W on R4i/R4i sdhc patch.

    Could you please tell me exactly which patches i should be needing to use?

    i am really looking forward to playing this game, as i have seen many different videos on YouTube and it looks awesome!

    apologies now for any inconvenience or grammar mistakes, please help me though! thanks

  17. ShadePopping

    ShadePopping New Member

    So I tried to patch it and everything patched so I decided to test it with No$... it worked... so then I tried to play it on my DSTTi... well I don't get a load error -4 anymore, but...

    I white screen.
    Both Pokemon Black and White.
    Tried DSTT Firmware, Pong and Retro's TT menu, and the TTDS Japanese Fix... Still white screens...

    Also I tried the Wood thing, My DSTTi just says ERROR XD.. any suggestions?

    (JP versions)

    When it is encrypted, I'll load and get a white screen, it won't run on No$gba
    When it is decrypted, I'll get a load error =-4, it'll run on No$gba...
  18. koiru

    koiru New Member

    alright, i have a serious problem.
    im using no$gba with the Pokemon Black rom, using translation patch, AP patch(both freeze n exp patch[2nd method]) , and save patch(2nd method).
    every thing was fine until i got to the dreamyard and then suddenly it says the image rom crashed and i lost all my previous records.
    can anyone tell me if i missed anything??
  19. Marik22

    Marik22 New Member

    Ok I did the translation patch, the exp patch and AP codes for freezing and saving for Pokemon Black yet when I try to save the game says that "the report could not be written" when I am playing with no$gba. Is there something I forgot to do or overlooked?

    I ran the translation patch first and then patched that new .nds with the exp patch, is that the right way to go about business? I get exp and everything runs great but I can't save....What should I do?
  20. loki909

    loki909 Member

    First, awesome thread.

    This just happened to me.
    Im running no$bga, with all the action reply codes.
    Saving was sweet. Loading was fine. but I did get the occasional rom crash.

    Then I get a rom crash, and my save reverts back to 5 mins into the game.
    10 hours of game time gone!

    Please help with this, its a nasty one.