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Tutorial: How to Patch Pokemon Black and White [Complete Guide]

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SDamonCronous, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. iprincey

    iprincey New Member

    I have a question... why can't we just use the official (U) ROM instead of the Japanese translation one?

    Also, is there a patch that translates Pokemon names?
  2. casper enkelaar

    casper enkelaar New Member


    I have tried to play pokemon black and white on my R4i but it says errcode=-5. I know you have that tuturial on your site but when I have the YS menu on my cart it gaves the same errcode. I have replaced the r4i menu with the TT menu but then when it is loading my cart it freeses. I have no idea what to do PLEASE HELP
  3. Dark_Allen_Yuu

    Dark_Allen_Yuu New Member

    The game works perfectly up until I talk to Vintini then the game freezes is there anything I can do to fix this?
  4. spidey07

    spidey07 Member

    I am having a bit of trouble. I am trying to patch pokemon black (u) version with the rudolph patch but its gives me error msg. "Can't find the universal code pattern to be patched" Any help?
  5. lewis9191

    lewis9191 Well-Known Member

    What card you got, what firmware you have, and the error code please
  6. spidey07

    spidey07 Member

    Well I am using NO$GBA emulator to play. And there is no error code just the msg i posted.
  7. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the pre-patched roms yet?
  8. jamesmalone2007

    jamesmalone2007 New Member


    I have tried followed the steps in your tutorial. However, when using the exp patch (method1) I am told there is a data format error.

    Sorry if this problem is blatantly obvious, I'm not very experienced with this.
  9. pindy

    pindy Member

    the europe rom works fine on the ttds with the new firmware, just message me if you need help
  10. loki909

    loki909 Member

    Anyone else had this problem?
  11. iBeast808

    iBeast808 New Member

    so i did all the instructions but i got stuck at the white screen of death right before the game starts.

    i have a R4i v1.45v upgrade and i got past the err code = -4 crap but now im stuck at the white screen . anyone help?
  12. loki909

    loki909 Member

    You might be screwed ibeast808, i've been hoping for help for about a week now. This thread may be dead, but I truly hope not.
  13. idiot001

    idiot001 New Member

    Hi i am currently using r4i dsill (green pack) and when i try to load the game it always stops, saying load rom error -4. I tried out your tutorials on fixing the error but it still does not work
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    Hi i am currently using r4i dsill (green pack) and when i try to load the game it always stops, saying load rom error -4. I tried out your tutorials on fixing the error but it still does not work
  14. raffacarlito

    raffacarlito New Member

    Hi SDamonCronous,
    at first after i download the 1.18 firmware for my R4 card for ds after opening pokemon w or black i cat a with screen. So i reed your topic and did what you told me to do, now i get one step closer in the whit sreen, you see the pokemon screen, but after that the screen gets black. Sorry for my bad engish but i,am dutch so this is the best i can do.
    Hope you can help me.Greetings Raffacarlito
  15. Bartamis

    Bartamis New Member

    Hey im on a mac book pro running snow leopard i patched the rom with the english patch but now it gives me the white screen when i try to tun it on Desmume. Can any one help me?
  16. justkent42

    justkent42 New Member

    i have R4i Dsi LL too like squal jomin has but i can't seem to fix it.i have the error code 4 and i followed your steps "YS MENU" but it still has the error code :( pls help!!!
  17. loki909

    loki909 Member

    OK so this thread is DEAD.

    THe first post now says just get the new english rom, and all your problems will be sorted?

    Where from????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    MEDIA fire is a total SHAM, you have to register to unzip there files. Total BS>!

    Can any one help, where do you get the new rom from?
  18. loki909

    loki909 Member

    any one?
  19. razordragon430

    razordragon430 Active Member

    i used to antipiracy patch tools and now it still freezes what do i do?
  20. Drance98

    Drance98 New Member

    the things is,the roms are removed....==
    can anybody post somemore address that can we download the pokemon b/w english roms?