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[TUTORIAL] Guide to Enable WIFI Feature On DeSmuMe v.0.9.7

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Prectorian, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. arunbhat86

    arunbhat86 New Member

    Thanks, this tutorial worked like a charm!! At first I was getting error code 52000, but adding exceptions to firewall and switching to HOMEGROUP made it work. ;D
  2. 239850982

    239850982 Guest

    Hey OP, I don't know if you've been told already or what, but your "DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 x64 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.2" download is configured with incorrect names for the BIOS images. It would probably save people (not me, unfortunately!) a lot of headaches if you would upload one that has them as "biosnds9.bin" and "biosnds7.bin" to match the names of the files.

  3. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    @ 239850982,

    Sorry, am not going to change anything. Editing the desmume.ini file is not necessary as the emulator setting option is there to do the job through desmume.exe, and has no problem acknowledging the bios assigned to it no matter what the file name is.

    Great! Following the tutorial to the dot should be more than suffice.
  4. sarfrazh

    sarfrazh New Member

    Hello. Well i've been experiencing an error 52100 with the Wi-fi. Now i've just busted my ass trying to get this to work on pokemon black2 or white2. SO i've tried the 0.9.7 emulator whatever it is , and it was working after trying out some stuff like replacing bios firmware and firmware. DFC files. Now what I was wondering if this was possible with the 0.9.10 option?
  5. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Why don't you give that newer DeSmuMe release a try, since this one is quite old and you'll need a patched Pokémon BW1 or BW2 rom to make it run on this one. The newer ones would allow you to run unpatched rom. If it's an official released DeSmuMe (one that isn't developed by the SVN or JIT team), the wifi feature wouldn't work since the official team developer doesn't want to support such wifi feature, and has no option available to set it up either. Some JIT and SVN releases on the other hand has unstable wifi feature due to tweeking made by the team. So all in all, not all JIT or SVN version is reliable for the said purpose. You'll have to test each version released to know which is good, for me the 0.9.7 SVN 3947 is among the most stable.
  6. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I don't want to see anything like that again. 239850982 made a point and prectorian explained why he didn't think it was necessary. The discussion should have ended there.

    At the end of the day, this is prectorian's project and he is entitled to execute it however he desires, and anyone that disagrees is perfectly entitled to produce their own version that takes the form they believe it should.
  7. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

  8. 239850982

    239850982 Guest

    While I could easily create my own tutorial, getting it to be the top result on Google would not be so easy. I think there is some responsibility on prectorian's part to do a decent job because of that.

    P.S. please ban me

    P.P.S. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, prectorian!
  9. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    Well, far be it for me to deny such a heartfelt request.

    Happy Singles Awareness Day <3
  10. megalith

    megalith New Member

    Question. Is there a way to use union room/pokemon wireless club in HG/SS to trade with a friend using an emulator as well?

    I was wondering if there was a way for us to duel/trade each other through local network.
  11. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I believe there are issues with two emulators on one computer, but if they're on separate computers it might work.
  12. megalith

    megalith New Member

    I tried doing 2 PCs connected to one router. They won't see each other in the union room.

    Also tried doing the Pal pad method. They see each other in the room but it's as if there's some huge delay going on. It ends up with both being unresponsive to each other's request. Also for some reason often times 1 gets disconnected.
  13. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Back then (a year or so ago) someone stated the method can be done but the emulators has to use 2 different firmware.dfc or something in that line. In any case, emulators aren't perfect clone of the real console. So expect to find it limited in many ways, accept as it is cause how well it perform is tied entirely on the computer spec and internet connection speed it's running on, especially if your computer is factory standard.
  14. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    With many Nintendo Wireless Download service for NDS games going offline soon, there's really few reason to use the global WIFI ability.
  15. ShermTank7272

    ShermTank7272 New Member

    prectorian, having a problem here.

    I'm trying to connect to Wi-Fi to trade from my (emulated) Pokemon Platinum with my Pokemon Diamond (on a real DS).

    Problem is, I keep getting an error code 54000 whenever I try to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi [the bottom floor of the Pokemon Center or the GTS, where you get the screen with Pikachu and Pachirisu], which means there's no access point in range (or something like that). But, whenever I go into the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings (on the start menu), I have no problems finding and connecting to SoftAP network at all.

    I'm pretty sure my Internet connection is fine (it's like a 20 mbps connection or so). So why won't it work? I'm pretty sure I followed your instructions to the letter.

    If you need me to give you more info, let me know how to upload screenshots and I can give you my setup and results.

  16. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    I'm unable to answer your question since I haven't tried doing what you are trying to do, only that at least 2 users did claim doing what you did as possible and do-able successfully. But easiest method is to use POKEGEN/POKESAV program to trade between the 2 game's save files on your computer.
  17. ShermTank7272

    ShermTank7272 New Member

    Well, the thing is, I want to trade with a real DS, not between two emulators (gotta get those event-only pokemon somehow!)

    I looked it up and the 54000 error is "unable to connect to an access point". But I was able to connect to an access point earlier in the Wi-Fi options menu. So, am I just doing something wrong here?
  18. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Try looking at page 1, and try doing 'troubleshooter no.5'. Maybe that might help. Who knows.
  19. Damphil

    Damphil New Member

    Help set DS emuls for exchange on a single PC.
  20. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    you can't. running two instances of an emulator for that purpose will not work.
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