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[TUTORIAL] Guide to Enable WIFI Feature On DeSmuMe v.0.9.7

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Prectorian, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    This tutorial was started on April 1st 2011.

    Its about enabling WIFI feature for NDS Games playable on DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 if you have broadband connection using Wired-LAN (Ethernet LAN Cable Broadband) without any WIFI router or access point; not possible on USB Broadband Dongle, or Dial Up via telephone cable; maybe possible via wireless connection but I'm not covering it. As long as you have Ethernet Wired-LAN Connection and Ethernet LAN hardware in your computer (PC/Laptop) as well as using router; it should work. I first learn about this thanks to Lune's tutorial thread in GBATemp.net, all credits goes to him/her for bringing it up. If you are using an internet connection method other than Ethernet LAN Cable, please refrain from trying as it won't work.

    For Win XP users, run the program as normal, for Win Vista and Win 7 users run the programs in ADMIN Mode. Mac and Linux.....well....don't ask me about it as I don't have either program. I have confirmed that the below method work on both my Windows XP Home SP3 Laptop and on Windows 7 Home SP1 Laptop.

    What you need:
    1. DeSmuMe WIFI Package (Choose 1)

    1. DeSmuMe v.0.9.6 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.1 : Download Here
    2. DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 x64 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.1 : Download Here
    3. DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 x64 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.2 : Download Here
    4. DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 x86/x32 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.1 : Download Here
    5. DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 x86/x32 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.2 : Download Here

    2. WinPcap Program and BIOS for DeSmuMe Package: WinPcap v.4.1.2 and BIOS BIN for DeSmuMe Download Here
    Instruction & Information :
    Version 4.1.2, 02 jul 10
    Supported platforms:
    •Windows NT4/2000
    •Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7/2008R2 (x86 and x64)
    MD5 Checksum: 929b7d846b635959201e30b57190284a
    SHA1 Checksum: 5bbdce5c2ad5423ba023b1272301a7fb49279b16

    If you want the newer WinPcap (Not necessary to use new one);
    WinPcap v.4.1.3 : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    1.Download and run the executable
    2.Follow the instructions on the screen. The installation applet will automatically detect the operating system and install the correct drivers
    3.The WinPcap-based applications are now ready to work
    4.To remove WinPcap from the system, go to the Control Panel, click on "Add/Remove programs" and then select "WinPcap"

    Starting from WinPcap 4.0beta3, support for the Windows 9x/ME family of operating systems has been dropped.

    •Fixed a bug reported by Boaz Brickner (http://pcapdotnet.codeplex.com/): the driver could cause an OS crash when an IRP_MJ_CLEANUP is processed in parallel with an IRP_MJ_READ/WRITE/DEVICECONTROL. The fix defers the deallocation of the open structure in IRP_MJ_CLOSE.
    •Fixed a bug in the buffered write code. A malformed transmit buffer sent with pcap_sendqueue_transmit could cause a buffer overflow and crash the OS.
    •Disabled tracing in the driver (it was left on by mistake in the previous release of WinPcap).
    •Added the missing export pcap_free_datalinks.
    •Do not show the installation panel with the OS info.
    •Small fix to the documentation regarding WDK.

    3. High Speed Ethernet Wired-LAN (Broadband) Connection

    4. Save File Convertor : Offline Save File Convertor from Evan Dixon
    Shunyweb Online Save File Convertor

    UniqueGeeks Save File Convertor
    * Note:
    Use this only if you want to convert your game save file from DeSmuMe type to use on your Console's Cartridge, or if
    you want to download contents for your game save file from your Console Cartridge via DeSmuMe.

    1. Installing WinPcap
    After downloading the packages, run the program, make sure to tick "Automatic Start at Boot time",
    also make sure that its marked as "exception" in your FireWall Settings.
    Do not ever disable your FIREWALL and ANTIVIRUS !!!
    Unless you don't mind getting virus/trojan/malware all over your computer. Which is more precious and
    important? Your computer and its files or playing games? Just give the WinPcap exception and do the
    same to DeSmuMe. Give both FULL CONTROL/ADMIN RIGHT under PROPERTIES in the SECURITY option.

    2. Setting Up the DeSmuMe
    Run the DeSmuMe in the package;
    # Large Image in the Spoiler:

    a. Go to CONFIG and choose WIFI SETTINGS, then tick INFRASTRUCTURE and then press OK
    As for the bottom INFRASTRUCTURE SETTINGS, it depend on what hardware you have in your computer,
    so you have to test which one will work for you, should be the one for Ethernet Wired LAN that will work.

    b. Go to CONFIG and choose EMULATION SETTINGS, then tick as shown in the image below and press OK
    (Note: ticking the Boot From Firmware Like NDS is not necessary unless you want to do step 2.c which is optional)
    As for the ARM Bios 7, ARM Bios 9, and firmware Bin, make sure to enable/choose the files in the package.
    Press the " .... " and locate the 3 files in the package provided.

    c. Optional step (This step is not necessary unless you want to mimic loading like an NDS Console.)
    # Skip this step if you don't want to "Boot From Firmware Like an NDS" console.
    c.1. Go to CONFIG and choose FIRMWARE SETTINGS, fill it up with your data, and then press OK
    Make sure the data you add in this step is the same with the data added in the c.3 step below.

    c.2. To do this step, make sure that you have tick the BOOT FROM FIRMWARE (LIKE THE NDS)
    at the FIRMWARE option under the EMULATION SETTINGS (see image in step 2.b.)
    When you first load a game, the above image will be shown, tap the small icon at the
    bottom center that looks like an open NDS console.

    c.3. Next, tap the green icon, fill up your username, birthday, and choose the color you want.

    Make sure that the database you enter in this step is the same with what you enter in step
    2.c.1. Otherwise you'll get an un-matching ID. Do make sure to match the database before
    moving from an older DeSmuMe to a newer version. Otherwise you'll suffer un-matching ID.

    After filling up the details as shown in the above, choose Confirm/Ok to Shut Down
    and you will need to reboot/reload the game that you want to playing.

    Setting Up the In-Game WIFI
    Load any game that have WIFI capability in it. And go to the WIFI SETTING.
    a. Go to NINTENDO WIFI CONNECTION SETTINGS, and choose it.

    b. Now in the next page, you should see as below the box on the left marked as NONE/READY, choose it.
    See and do step c.

    After that choose SEARCH FOR AN ACCESS POINT to acquire the SOFTAP. It will automatically do step d.

    c. Now you should see as shown below, choose TEST CONNECTION.

    d. If you did the above correctly, then you should see these 2 images as shown below.
    If you get testing fail, re-check the EMULATION SETTING and WIFI SETTING.

    e. If you see the above result, then congratulation you have enabled DeSmuMe's WIFI Capability

    Visual Tutorial on Setting Up DeSmuMe WiFi for v.0.9.6 and v.0.9.7:
    Video Tutorial On How to Set Up the DeSmuMe Wifi Capability : Click Here (Thanks to : John3 a.k.a John2461)

    Video Tutorial On How to Set Up the DeSmuMe Wifi Capability Using Wireless Connection Method: Click Here (Thanks to : John3 a.k.a John2461)

    Possible Trouble Shooter for Error Code 20104 and 52000 DeSmuMe WiFi for v.0.9.6 and v.0.9.7:
    Here are all the possible solution to your connectivity problem. If none of the below possible trouble shooter work, most likely you will never be able to get the feature to work due to your internet subscription package type.

    1. Try replacing the firmware.dfc in the DeSmuMe folder with either one of this:
    a. Firmware.dfc Option 1 : Click Here Option 1
    b. Firmware.dfc Option 2 : Click Here Option 2
    (Thanks to : John3 a.k.a John2461)

    2. If some of you are using VISTA or WIN 7;
    a. There is DEP (Data Exchange Protection) security in the system. To by-pass it for DeSmuMe and any other
    * Right Click on the DeSmuMe icon on your Desktop
    * Run as Admin
    * Right Click on the DeSmuMe icon on your Desktop
    * Properties
    * Security
    * Edit Permission
    * Full Control
    b. Move the "biosnds7.bin", "biosnds9.bin", and "firmware.bin" into the Firmware Folder before assigning them
    as instructed in the tutorial.
    (Thanks to : Insanecrazy07)

    3. You might want to attempt editing the DNS inside the WFC Setup config to : 4.2.2
    4. Go to Network Connection, manually changing the bridging from PPOE to PPOA (or the other way round)
    5. You might want to attempt editing the IP inside WFC Setup to : 192.168.110 or changing the last 2 digit to
    any number in the "10" multiplication; eg. 192.168.120 ,etc.
    6. Locate in your Control Panel's Firewall, for any possibilities of a setting that might block the WinPcap (eg. disable
    SPI Firewall). There's no need to disable your firewall !!!
    7. Make sure your LAN Connection is set as HOME Network, not work or public network.
    8. If you get Firmware.dfc,BiosArm7.dfc, and BiosArm9.dfc, image error, go to PATH SETTING under the DeSmuMe's
    Config, and self assign the files/folders. Or alternatively, self replace the firmware.dfc with the one provided above.
    9. Assign STATIC IP ADDRESS for routers that has both ethernet cable port and antena(WIFI anthena).
    10. Go to DeSmuMe main screen and press CTRL-R to reset your settings, or perform a RESTART computer.
    11. Make sure the WinPcap (rpcapd.exe) and DeSmuMe are in the exception list of your Firewall and Antivirus.
    12. Try to clean up your network adapters. Uninstall/disable all the VPN software like Hamachi, Tunngle, VirtualBox, and VMWare
    Workstation, etc. and reboot your computer. You can also try to make your network adapter that is connected to the internet to the
    primary one. To do this, go to the list of your network adapters and press ALT then click "advanced" --> "advanced settings"
    highlight the adapter and put it to the top with the arrows. (Thanks to: Ultravore)
    13. If you have trouble getting the GTS, PGL and Game Sync to work between 2 friends. One of you (or both) may try to change your
    router settings: enable UPnP is a must, beacuse a DS needs all the UDP ports forwarded for the connection to work (this info is
    available on the Nintendo troubleshooting website). If you still have problems, you may have to change your router.
    (Thanks to: Shadow-5471)
    14. Make sure to check if you computer is running on x64 bit ot x32/x86 bit.
    15. Make sure your network is set to use LAN Broadband (Local Area Connection) not Wireless.
    16. Make sure you are the only computer connected to the router-modem.

    Side Note Regarding Save File Conversion
    If you want to use the downloaded WIFI stuffs on your NDS Console, simply convert the DeSmuMe's save file into the appropriate save file type for your cart, and name it the same as your game rom's name. It should work like a charm as I've already tested it too. If you have an on going game play on your console and do not have WIFI router/access point in your home, you can also make use of the above to download contents over this feature by converting your save file to DeSmuMe's save file type using the convertor, run it like the above, and convert it back into your cart's save file type once you've done the download.

    Credit Acknowledgements:
    1. Romulation.net : For hosting this tutorial
    2. DeSmume Team : For the original DeSmuMe Program (DeSmuMe Official Site)
    3. EmuCr.com and Nichole : For the WiFi Capable DeSmuMe SVN release (Latest DeSmuMe SVN Download)
    4. Lune and Slytherx : For the original tutorial thread in GBATemp.net (Original Thread)
    5. Evan Dixon : For the offline Save File Convertor Program
    6. Shunyweb Team : For the online Save File Convertor Program
    7. winpcap.org : For the WinPcap program (WinPcap Official Site)

    1. I've decided to remove all images that was hosted in PhotoBucket due to them blocking it each month for a week as they expects me
    to go pay even though I didn't used up my free quota.
    2. Given that some of those who come to use this topic don't seems to understand that I don't support wireless connectivity, however
    there're several posts made by nmp0401 in pages 56 - 58 for that purpose. Read them if you must.
    3. Also given the numerous similar and repetitive problems that kept popping in this topic, I find that it's a waste of my time responding
    to the same issues over and over. I suggest those of you having problem to go read the over 60 pages worth of posts. It shouldn't
    take an hour to skim read through them all than wait for my response. The solution you probably looking for is sure to be among
    those 60 pages.
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  2. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    It's somethink i don't use as i don't have WIFI, But weldone on your TUTORIAL, @prectorian

    And hope people find a grate use of it!
  3. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    You don't need to have WIFI router or access point. All you need is an Ethernet LAN connection and the programs above. That's basically it. I don't have WIFI router either, and was thinking of buying a router. But as in the images I post above, I show that the DeSmuMe can go online and make use of the Nintendo Wireless Network Connection feature. Something that No$GBA cannot do even until now. And this save me my money by not needing to buy a router or access point. Simply make use of the LAN broadband connection.

    I had wanted to update my Yugioh! 2011's forbidden card list for use on my R4DS. I found this method 2 days ago from GBATemp. I was able to do it by utilizing the save file convertor as well. No one seems to pay attention to the original thread as it was sketchy explaination. I simply made a re-make tutorial that is more user friendly.
  4. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    I use a USB dongal pen, sorry not a LAN
  5. will1008

    will1008 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this, very helpful.
  6. RizkyFz

    RizkyFz Member

    Someone can help me with this ? what must i do ?

  7. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member


    I can see from your image, that you're running through a USB dongle. As I've mentioned above, you must use Wired - LAN, not Wireless. I've tried using USB 3.5G broadband dongle with all hardware that I have, its a no go that's why I mentioned it clearly in blue.

    Indosat (3G / 3.5G / M2) etc. uses Wireless USB Dongle via SIM Card. It won't work. You have to run it through LAN (Local Area Network) cable broadband connection. Say...Telkom Speedy/ TelkomNet/ CBN/Firstmedia/IndoNet, etc. that utilize the LAN cable (ethernet) and run through your Ethernet hardware setting.

    If you don't want or not allow to subscribe a LAN broadband, then maybe you can play at your nearest internet cafe which uses LAN connection. Simply install into their system (if they give permission) for the WinPcap installation, all the rest is set through the DeSmuMe program.

    I'm using wired-ethernet LAN cable broadband network for the above. You can subscribe through your local Telkom branch for an unlimited monthly packet. The monthly subscription is the same as for your Indosat 3G. And its more stable too, compared to your wireless usb dongle.

    PS: Also make sure your INFRASTRUCTURE SETTING is set to an ethernet hardware, in your case is Realtex Family.
  8. maxmahito

    maxmahito Well-Known Member

    So, one did really develop an unofficial desmume with wi-fi.Really nice tutorial, prectorian.But, it's really really not advisable to use the wi-fi with emulators.The emulators give out a single code for ALL emulators world-wide.That'll lead to nintendo's action against emulator's developers.I think that's the reason stated by desmume for disabling the wi-fi in 0.9.7

    P.S: Pokemon games become very slow during saving when GTS is accessed more times.I've personally experienced it.
    Post Merge: [time]1301810688[/time]
    what's the "firmware.dfc" file, prectorian? It's my first time seeing it.
  9. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member


    I'm not aware about what the DeSmuMe team said about WIFI as their original don't carry the WIFI setting in the Config, but this DeSmuMe that can run WIFI is the SVN version. I got both version of v.0.9.7. If you want to see the group that make that SVN versions for all emulator, look at this site: http://www.down.emucr.com/

    As for playing in GTS for Pokemon...well, lets face it....emulators are slow...so its not much of a difference anyway. But so far, the 'slowness' has been consistent on my laptop before and after.

    What I think from looking at their team's developing post, they develop continuous updates to the source code and making it better and better each time. The current DeSmuMe SVN version of v.0.9.7 is r3962, I just updated the package.

    About the firmware.dfc, that file show up after you alter the emulation settings under the config option to use the firmware.bin, arm bios 7, and arm bios 9, when you first run it, it will auto create that firmware.dfc file, and is registered also into the desmume configure setting.sys.

    As for 'emulator single code' that I really don't know. But if you're referring to emulator's ability to generate 'friend code', I think (just guessing) that is randomly generated when you first start a game and save it. Otherwise....would it not be strange that all of us are using a same source of rom...such as pokemon white, but have different friend code? Then again, like I said, I'm not too sure about this, as I'm not an expert on this matter.
  10. maxmahito

    maxmahito Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clearing up the ".dfc" thing.And the code I was talking about is Nintendo WFC code.It's said somewhere in their wiki that Desmume allots the single code for wi-fi emulation and so nintendo may doubt the access of their servers by so many people with same code.I too don't get it that much.By the way, just a small tip: In the emulation settings, Also tick the "Boot from firmware(like the NDS)" option.

    I've checked it personally.The firmware you provided is the best one I've got my hands on till now.You can customize your Desmume like a DS.Can have your birthday set and what's more? The game is purely playable even by doing that.If you like, I can post the screenshots.
  11. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    I've not tried creating 2 save file on DeSmuMe to compare and see if the friend code generated is the same or not, but I do am running the pokemon save file converted from my R4 cart for use on the DeSmuMe, cause I don't have wifi router, so I have to use DeSmuMe to get through wifi for online downloadings such as access GTS. So I'm pretty sure my friend code is specifically my own. So no worries for me about that if what the DeSmuMe team are scared about.

    As for boot firmware like NDS, that would be even better approach, but using the setting like previewed is also more than enough. Cause how fast you can run the emulator is more about your computer hardware and speed, the lagging is not because of the rom or emulator. However, by naming it to your gamer's name and entering your birthday, could well also be a good approach to generating your own specific friend code. *Guessing*

    PS: got to go for now....MotoGP is airing live....be back in few hours... :)
  12. maxmahito

    maxmahito Well-Known Member

    After you read this, could I ask you to check if "Mystery Gift" option is working for you with desmume without enabling "Boot like NDS"?
  13. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member


    As per your request, I've posted an update for the above Preview Proof Section. You can see that the Mystery Gift Connection for Pokemon Black and White can be achieved with or without the "Boot Firmware Like NDS" in the 1st post. 10 mystery gift connection images just for you. ;)

    As for C-Gear, Game Sync, and Battle, its not possible at the moment because pokemon-gl.com is still under construction, so I can only establish a connection but cannot get in. You need to first make an account in pokemon-gl.com to get a Digital ID number, do a Game Sync. Only then you can use the C-Gear and Battle Connection features. Maybe once its up and running, I can test it again.

    And....I've updated the DeSmuMe from r3962 to r3963. I just saw it updated in the emuCr.com site.

    If you can't do it, then you can do the below method in the spoiler:
    1. Download PokeSav for Black and White and the wonder card you want to use (.pgf)
    here's my other thread where you can get Nigoli's wonder cards, the links in it are all his original, except for 1 or 2 links:

    2. Convert your No$GBA save file and turn it into e.g. an R4 save file type
    * use the convertor that I posted in the above post for DeSmuMe WIFI

    3. Open Pokesav, load your Save File that you had converted. Then go to the bottom right and click
    on the WONDER CARD button.

    4. Do as shown in the spoiler the steps 1-7 for pokemon wonder card, or steps 1-5 for key items
    wonder cards

    Step 1-6:

    Step 7:

    5. Convert it back using the convertor if you prefer to play on No$GBA or No$Zoomer or on the Console Cartridge.

    6. Here's the proof from the above method:

    Sorry, the steps show in Steps 1-7 is a demo for Kibago, while the proof is on Kumashun. But the method used to acquire
    the Kumashun is the same as demonstrated in steps 1-7. Like Kumashun, as you can see when received will automatically
    be known as Cubchoo. All its pokemon details and moves are all in English also. Same with the Kibago, when its received
    it is automatically known as Axew. And properly registered in the Pokedex.

    But remember....the 3 legendary dogs and cerebi, will not be registered in the normal pokedex, it will only show up if
    you have already have the national pokedex.
  14. maxmahito

    maxmahito Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clarifying that Mystery Gift option for me.And THANKS A LOT for tutorial on pokesav.Have been looking for quite some time on that.Now, I can seriously hack the pokemon roms.
  15. KSrSN

    KSrSN New Member

    i used DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.2
    Pokémon Platinum (US)
    i have win7 64bit

    i do what you say but i have eror 52000

    what i can do?? help meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  16. maxmahito

    maxmahito Well-Known Member

    Using x64 version of the desmume?
  17. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Error code 52000 = WEP key input is wrong/wrong input of IP address
    Source of info: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wfc/en_na/ds/results.jsp?error_code=52000&system=DS&locale=en_US

    1. in Win 7, make sure to set the firewall to allow use of winpcap
    2. make sure to run the desmume in admin mode
    3. make sure the SoftAP is set to auto obtain IP address and auto obtain DSN address
    4. make sure to use LAN cable connection not USB or wireless
    5. make sure to set the Infrastructure Setting to use the Ethernet hardware
  18. KSrSN

    KSrSN New Member

    yes i do

    but now i have error 53000 in DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 r3947 WIFI with WinPcap v.4.1.2 64bit
    error 50000 in DeSmuMe v.0.9.7 SVN r3963 WIFI Capable with WinPcap v.4.1.2
  19. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Error 50000 is caused by you might have not assign the arm 7 bios, arm 9 bios and firmware bin at the emulator setting to use the one in the package.

    as for Error 53000 is caused by you might have not allow the firewall to unblock the WinPcap properly

    Strangely, from the start I've never encounter all the problems you are facing on your Win 7. I had tested on my Win 7 using the method I made in the above, and it work well so far. The only error message that I sometime get is error code 60000 = connection unstable and that is always resolved by disconnecting my LAN and reconnecting it. As for the other error code that I got is error code 13212 which is because pokemon-gl.com is still under construction/maintainance due to the Japan earthquack thus I can't get into game sync feature and c-gear feature.

    So I'm guessing you might have missed a step. I have listed all the step by step in the above with all the illustrations, by following it all properly there shouldn't be any issue. It work for win xp and win 7 with the exact same method as shown in the above and I've did the testing myself on both my laptops.
  20. KSrSN

    KSrSN New Member

    i do

    i have many error

    error 20100
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