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True or False

Discussion in 'Forum Games, Jokes & Random' started by IceFiend, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. IceFiend

    IceFiend Active Member

    Answer the question asked by the poster above you with true or false, and then explain why.
    Then ask a question for the next poster.

    The person below me owns a NeoGeo Pocket
  2. Khrene Cleaver

    Khrene Cleaver New Member

    False: I'm a Game Boy Man myself.

    The person below owns a pipe, stick, or other blunt weapon, and keeps it aside their bed for protection.
  3. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    False! My ego is sharp and pointy and can handle ANY intruder.

    The person below me is silly.
  4. Reider

    Reider Modereider


    The person below me is a male.
  5. DementedPie

    DementedPie New Member


    The person below me posted here because he was bored or has nothing to do.
  6. yourclone

    yourclone New Member

    True, I saw the message on the latest threads list.

    The person below is really an alien from Vega.
  7. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    False, I'm in fact from Vulga, close though.

    The person below me eats noodles at least once a week.
  8. MusicAddict911

    MusicAddict911 Well-Known Member


    The person below me is obsessed with Nintendo DS.
  9. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    False: I can't be obsessed with something I don't have :p

    The person below me likes Pepsi or Mountain Dew.
  10. MusicAddict911

    MusicAddict911 Well-Known Member

    7up is a Pepsi product, and I love that, so true.

    The person below me watches or has watched Married... With Children on TV.
  11. scaleyscale

    scaleyscale Guest

    False: Never heard of that show

    The person below me got his hand stuck in a mailbox
  12. CntrlAltLeet

    CntrlAltLeet New Member

    False, but I did watch my Mailman get his hand stuck, needness to say it was amusing

    The person below me likes monty python's flying circus
  13. airsoft1117

    airsoft1117 Well-Known Member


    The Person below me hates the ps3
  14. yukarichan

    yukarichan New Member

    False,i dont have the next gen console yet(oh stop your mocking sound)

    person Below me should be able to fill in the blank place:H[]nt[]i
  15. jc_106

    jc_106 Well-Known Member


    the person below me was typing at his/her pc.
  16. thespoonybard

    thespoonybard Member


    the person below me is actually 3 midgets in a horse costume.
  17. The_Finale

    The_Finale New Member

    False, I'm just one and I lack the Horse Costume,

    The person below me has never played on an 'Retro' console
    (Pre SNES/Mega Drive).
  18. Ohji

    Ohji Well-Known Member

    True. I'm but Seph's alternate account.

    The person below me lacks flavor.
  19. ChibiGamer

    ChibiGamer Well-Known Member

    False, I has a flavor and it is good.

    The person below me likes to pick their nose.
  20. celestino

    celestino Member

    false: ive got someone to do that for me

    the person below me enjoys a good shelf