Stan Lee was dead at 95

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    The creator of all Marvel movies and series, Stan Lee was dead at 95... :'(


    Stan Lee also was cameo in many movies and series! The last one was Venom!
    So, the next movies and series will not included Stan cameo anymore...

    Stan cameo will appear on some Marvel movie or maybe Marvel and Disney will make CGI
    version of Stan Lee, after Paul Walker on Fast and Furious 7 before.
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    RIP Stan Lee.

    I believe they finished filming Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 a while back, he will have a cameo in those two for sure. And Spiderman 2 was nearly done last I heard, they probably filmed that cameo in advance because he has been very sick recently, hecouldn't travel much and needed rest.
    I'm expecting him to show up in Cap Marvel, Avengers 4 and Spiderman 2.
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