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Spam Thread Mk. IV

Discussion in 'Forum Games, Jokes & Random' started by necr0, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    keep referring to = said it only once


    y'all are hilarious, don't stop.

    I'll just be in my corner smoochin my desert rose
  2. saher1175

    saher1175 Guest

    I won't ask if it's none of my business,
    But, You just lied there, Sir.
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  3. saher1175

    saher1175 Guest

    RE: Like Farming cheat
    @Loonylion Man, You really are one fucking buzzkill.
    Question is, If the forum's gonna be taken down anyway then why bother?
  4. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    Who said anything about taking it down, it will be here for some time, just wont be active.
  5. Sarra93

    Sarra93 New Member

    anyway back to my hot mama and i
  6. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    Pls take it down.
  7. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    BuRN iT dOWn!
  8. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    youre beautiful

  9. Niflheim

    Niflheim Horrible evil rat

    based loonylion
  10. Niflheim

    Niflheim Horrible evil rat

    did the spammy kid get banned?
  11. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Yes. First ban in years.

    However he's in the slack if you want to come and chat.
  12. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    yeet the child
  13. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    you're all too old for this shit
  14. Niflheim

    Niflheim Horrible evil rat

    lol no ty

    you're never too old to say stupid things on the internet
  15. Zamrullah

    Zamrullah Artist in Training

    Hey. Is the forum still alive?
    Well, not that much I think, hehe. :oops:
  16. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    Yeah not that much, people have moved onto romu's Slack group.
  17. Zamrullah

    Zamrullah Artist in Training

    Okay. Thanks for the info!
  18. amuletneko

    amuletneko Well-Known Member

    Oh dang I haven't been here in forever, only logged in cause my cuz needed something here and oh god, the cringe. Glad to see the forums are still sort of alive though?
  19. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    barely.. if not, it's not alive
  20. msg2009

    msg2009 Romulations sexiest member

    S'up guys, I finally got time to visit! How's this Nintendo thing affecting Romulation? Are roms being pulled down again?

    I've been too busy to visit, I got a new job.

    I remember I was training to fight last time I visited, well I made weight but the fight was cancelled after the other fighter didn't turn up. I hung up the gloves for good, and even sold them on Facebook marketplace. I'm pleased with making weight though, I'm 40 in a few weeks and can still turn it on.[​IMG]

    I've also been collecting handhelds:

    And I've also been collecting consoles and computers:[​IMG]


    And finally this happened: [​IMG]

    Yeah, I'm going to be a dad again. At 40 too!

    So what you guys been up to this year?