Sony PS4 hacked

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    • The hack only works on consoles running the PS4’s 4.05 firmware. The 4.05 firmware dates back to 2016 and was patched with firmware 4.06.
    • However, since the exploit was released in November, there's been a lot of activity and support from hackers.
    • What is possible right now :
      • Linux support
      • Full root access to the system via FTP
      • PS4HEN - a homebrew enabler
      • Package files can be installed on the PS4
      • Tools to decrypt games, which can then be re-packaged and installed on compromised consoles.
      • Install PS2 iso's in PS4. PlayStation 2 emulation is a system-level feature that PS2 Classics downloads tap into, and features a number of interesting features - including a 4x resolution boost and improved performance compared to the same code running on original hardware.
    Source : The verge
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