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Some anime and manga website was shut down by Japanese government!

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by M.AzaryPika3172, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Look likes Japanese government was shut down some of famous anime and manga website due to copyright claim....

    Here the list of anime and manga website!


    You get this when visit that site! Example, for Anime44 @ Animenova website!

    Look likes we can't watch it anymore.... :(
    Unless this one still online right now! 8)

  2. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Re: Some anime website was shut down by Japanese government!

    Not just anime sites, manga sites too. Had to search for alternatives.
  3. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    That's right! Just type "anime (or manga) website" and showed many websites for them! :p
  4. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member


    All anime and manga website is now back ONLINE!!!! :D
  5. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Ain't that weird! Even the site where I frequented is back online with a bit of different look, after they had closed with a "T*NM#### supports bla...blaa...blaa.. and no longer host translated manga .... yep...yap... yep... munch... munch...". In any case, that's a relieve, now I can continue reading them.
  6. jr42094

    jr42094 Well-Known Member

    Wow to think they would see it as good marketing for people who love it and want to purchase merchandise of the series especially bluray's and what not :eek: