So i got a component video wire for my Wii

Discussion in 'Rants' started by Duncan Idaho, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Sounds a bit like the UK, all 3 of our major political parties are corrupt and in it for their own gain. there's god only knows how much fraud going on within government (we know about some of it) and it's frequently used as a means of political point-scoring, but when there's any hint of outside scrutiny or auditing they close ranks and protect each other regardless of party lines. A surprising number of our ministers have criminal convictions, including paedophilia and armed robbery.
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    Well the left wing party is mostly uncorrupt, unsurprisingly it's the military who are the corrupt part, they are the new high class, since many of the bonuses that the government brougth over, are now abused, perpetuating the cycle due that in the past the military wasnt considered more than objects to repress the people, Chávez comes in new privilegies for military, and now they are abusing them.

    Here usually when a minister is discovered to be corrupt he or she flees to the US asking for political asylum which is granted post haste.