Snes9x version 1.59 was updated!

Discussion in 'Emulation News' started by M.AzaryPika3172, Feb 28, 2019.

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    New version of SNES called Snes9x is now version 1.59.2 was released!

    Change log:-

    Download it here!
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  2. M.AzaryPika3172

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    I post new version here because ADD NEW THREAD function was disabled? Oh great.... :( Anyway, welcome to version 1.60! :D

    The biggest changes in this release are some reversions which fix a couple games, some accuracy improvements which fix a couple more games, and some optimizations that speed things up a bit.

    The Windows port now has an extra "Hacks" settings dialog that allows enabling some settings to allow older ROM hacks to work. The GTK port's hack settings are still hidden behind the -Ddangerous-hacks=true compile flag. The libretro port has had the remaining hack added. Use with caution and don't submit bug reports associated with enabling these hacks.

    Download, see 1st post. ;)