Snes9x v1.55 was released!

Discussion in 'Emulation News' started by M.AzaryPika3172, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. M.AzaryPika3172

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    Snes9x for SNES emulator is now updated into version 1.55 right now! Information are here!

    Change log:-

    Download it here! For Windows, macOS and Libretro

    Enjoy the games! :D
  2. msg2009

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    Damn, isn't Snes emulation already perfect? I've been using Zsnes since the late 90s and never had any issues.
  3. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

  4. Loonylion

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    snes is generally perfect yes but theres probably some edge cases that dont work quite right. (like carts with additional hardware in, for example). Plus updates may be necessary for compatibility with new pc hardware or windows versions.