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Short Circuit- The impact of distracted drivers, and how cell phones have handicapped many in the US

Discussion in 'Debates' started by Hygrave, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    Recently I was driving on the local interstate, heading to take my ailing father to his check-up.
    Of the 113 cars that I encountered en route to the physicians office, roughly seventy five percent were
    driving with one hand(or using their legs and feet)while on their cell phone.

    I avoided eight sideswipes
    Multiple lane changes with zero warning
    Cutting me off and then going fifty miles over the posted seventy miles per hour speed limit.
    They were living their lives in the phone, notice I said IN the phone and not on it?

    I believe technology, and bear in mind, I mean the United States in which I live, has crippled the people.
    They have abdicated control of their to the cell phones. Driving behind a four thousand eight hundred
    pound(358 stone)rolling death trap S.U.V.
    Not to mention they physically in a supermarket, pay no attention to their surroundings, kids, money, personal hygiene, or dress attire.

    I jest none in this, it has made me want to end a person's life, due to their complete disregard for human
    life or wellbeing. They choose a alternate existence through a miniature device, more than actually living in the reality we have to endure. IPhones are by far the worst brand, but the other gimmicky cell phones aren't
    too far behind.

    Since when should a four year old have a eight hundred US dollar(618 Pounds) cell phone?
    Why does she/he have a YouTube account? A Skype account, Twitter, etc.
    I shouldn't have to tell you the SEVERE implications of allowing someone so young the very dangerous
    responsibility of having all these gimmicky apps and programs.

    In the states, we are mentally ill-
    This is no jest.
    What the hell happened to cause everyone to forsake reality, to play escapism into a video game that, they don't play, but rather, it plays them.

    And all along time marches on, more people will leave life mentally, killing people on the road with this
    BULL****, and then blame anyone else but themselves.

    It would be wonderful to see a complete power failure in the states.
    A blackout of the entire US geographical preface. Do you think people would adapt, and comeback to the
    REAL reality. Or like I figure, start killing each other, desperately craving for Facebook, like a heroine addict for the next loaded needle.

    Thank you for reading this semi-rant, with a debate undertone in it.
    Do you know anyone like this, or have you fallen victim to someone's brains being sucked out by their


    Post Script-
    Law enforcement is now fining "Distracted drivers" up to five hundred USD for driving on the phone.
    But I've never seen anyone get a ticked for it.
    A twenty one year old female got a nine year prison sentence for killing a thirty six year old man.
    She was on Twitter when she mowed him down, crushing his organs into liquid.
    He died three days after the accident.
    When will enough be enough?
  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    They recently doubled the penalty here after a guy killed someone while texting at the wheel, it was his ninth offense (ninth texting while driving, that is). He'd twice managed to dupe magistrates into letting him keep his license.
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  3. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    That is the norm over here Loony.
    I was in court with a old classmate over a parking ticket.
    There was a sixty year old man with fourteen DWI's.
    Yet, up until the judge revoked his license, previously he was legal.
    These cell phones are cancerous by nature. They can be used wisely, but how many do you know do such?
    I was behind a sixteen year old who was driving with her knees as the cell was propped up on her lap.
    She almost went off road a minimum nine times. Ended up running a red light, thankfully she didn't hit anyone,
    but it's only a matter of time before she does.
    If they actually imposed and enforced these restrictions like they should, it may not stop everyone, but it at least serves as a deterrent.
    People need to quit running into a world they think they have control over, and knight up and confront the real world at last.

    Perhaps Umbrella is behind all this. The cell phones sucking peoples brains out is but the first step.
    In less than ten years the zombie apocalypse will come to fruition.
  4. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I think the courts were partially responsible in this case, if they'd looked at his history the second time he was due for disqualification they'd have refused his hardship plea on the basis that he clearly had no intention of refraining from using his phone while driving. He'd have had his license revoked after his 8th offense (3 points per offense at the time, automatic disqualification at 12 points unless hardship is accepted) and the guy he killed would (probably) still be alive.
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  5. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    Why does it always have to come to the worst case scenario, before this social cancer finally is cured for good.
    I know this, if anyone hits my car while on the phone, I will insert said phone into their colon.

    Thanks for the spirited reply Loony.
    I missed your down to earth, staunch take on life.
    I ask you if you ever think one day cell phones will be obsolete?
    Perhaps we'll just use telepathy?
    That may just be better than watching people live, and mostly die by a pathetic electronic wazoo.
  6. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I think the solution is going to be autonomous vehicles. smartphones are here to stay for the time being
  7. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    Damn. Like in Mega Man Battle Network, the cars drive themselves. But then they all get viruses too, so that' gonna be fun
    I wish I had a chaff grenade though. Just throw it and chaff block all the cell phones in range. Then watch the utter helplessness on everyone's
    I'm a turd at times :)
  8. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    It's difficult to. I've talked to many of the Alberta Sheriffs here and while it's super obvious to them when someone is distracted , it's difficult to prove in court unless they confess. The dash cams don't see the user texting, just veering in their lane. So the sheriffs typically pulls them over and asks if they're impaired, just to spook them, and either they confess or don't. Either they get a distracted driving ticket when they confess, or dangerous driving ticket and get a lesser fine. Losing in court is tough business for them, and they want to enforce it, but it's so hard to prove when they get in court.
  9. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    Some of our police forces have undercover HGVs for this reason. The elevated cab position allows the police to see inside cars and see if someone is playing with a phone, then they radio for cars to pull the driver over.
  10. 2DamCerius

    2DamCerius My eyes for your brain...fair trade.

    i just wanted to confess that it's no shame here in America to text and drive at the same time. I see it all the time, every where and anywhere, time and place u name it. We got a circus full of smartphone hungry humans who would rather face time their spouse or BFF or relative than pay attention to the road.

    Getting rid of this social epidemic isn't going to solve anything. Phones are a way of communication whether through business or casual phone banking. I hate to say this but phones have become so engrained in american urban areas its almost impossible to see someone without one....so yeah i can understand what Hygrave is saying.
  11. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    I appreciate all the wondrous replies this topic received. Natalie made a point, that unless there is blatancy in the act, prosecution is neigh impossible.
    Loony, being the tech savior he is, gave us the fact that law enforcement have to go high tech to even the ever mounting odds.
    And Cerius hit the somber nail on the head. Phones are more children, than actual children are. Today, I watched a fifty-ish aged grandmother, electronically embalming her grandson. And yes, I call it electronic embalming. Like having your blood sucked out and becoming a android with a
    apple imprint on its skull. Pun intended fully. Before I digress though, this grandma(possibly even his mother), had a IPhone with a movie playing on it.
    The grandson(I assume) had a tablet with a animated movie(toon style, not Japanimae) keeping him sedated.
    There was NO interaction between them. He just, much like a obedient dog, sat there and dared do anything, but watch the movie.
    The female stared blankly, sans any facial expression, at her IPhone.( I just got auto corrected on spelling IPhone.. LMAO, I forgot to capitalize the "P")
    I could rant on cell phones becoming people's god. But if they are doing this, and paying zero attention to their surroundings, what the hell will
    happen when they are behind the wheel of a one or more ton vehicle??
    I wonder what the US Government deems "Acceptable loss" for how many must die, before there is a US crackdown on cell usage, while driving.
    The very rare times I used my cell behind the wheel, I pulled over before calling anyone back.
    I'm no better than anyone else, mind you, but I won't take for granted one split second, and you've just killed one or more people in a bloody instant.

    If you were law enforcement, or could even make a punishment, or amend a law to change how serious this would(or wouldn't) be treated, what would
    it be?

    This will get gravely worse, obliviously, before anything is truly done about(aboot for the Canadian audience) it.
  12. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    in the UK its illegal to use a hand held (i.e not handsfree) phone while the engine is running, if my instructor's phone rings while I'm having a driving lesson, I have to pull over and switch off before he can answer it. If my phone rings it gets ignored.

    Not sure what's high tech about using a semi truck to catch phone users though.

    The argument that autonomous vehicles will make the roads safer is becoming more compelling by the week.

    on a related note, there's a german city that installed red and green lights in the pavement (sidewalk to americans) in order to try and stop phone zombies from walking out in front of a car, after a teenager was killed by stepping in front of a bus because she was more interested in her phone.
  13. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    The UK has a better system than the US does. If it's ringing, they answer it.
    I've had to take evasive maneuvers far too many times, at least not for a non law enforcement, military type.
    Lane weavers, off roaders, those that run red lights, those that have crashed, ect. Are a everyday thing now.
    Females more so than males, but the male demographic is rapidly caching up.
    Cell phones are becoming like firearms. A phone can be a tool, but in the hands of those behind a ton or more of steel, a gravedigger.
    Many more graves will be dug before this changes for the better. The fines are no deterrent, due to the lack of proper enforcement of them.
    If everyone had to pay a few hundred US dollars, it may just make them hold on their recklessness.
    Needless to say, driving has become dangerous on levels it shouldn't have been.
    Gone are the days of intoxicated drivers, now distracted drivers are no different from intoxicated ones.
    With no end in sight, I loathe getting behind the wheel now.

    On a related note: The elderly are a issue around here too. Many of them are FAR too past their primes to be driving anymore.
    I know they have money and all, but diminished mental and physical abilities make them as dangerous as distracted drivers.
    So not only do you have cell phones, you have those that will die from natural causes behind the wheel.
    I really need a pilot's license :/
  14. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I said that was the law, I didn't say people obey it, because a large proportion don't. My driving instructor just does things properly.

    funnily enough he was also a flying instructor until his instructors license was withdrawn on medical grounds.
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  15. Hygrave

    Hygrave Active Member

    People rebel by sheer nature, you know that Looney.
    But I guess I may have to give that pilot thing a real thought..
    I've been in flight simulators at N.A.S.A. but the real thing would be sweet.
    I may sound like a rant at times, but if you've ever had to avoid a sideswipe at 78 M.P.H., you'd be a bit nippy as well.
    Someone will end up eating that damn cell though, with NO condiments.