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School is waste of time.

Discussion in 'Debates' started by calvin_0, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    Over here, at least in my school, you're required to participate in a CCA. Participating and doing good gives you CCA Points, which you can carry over to your final results. Because the world doesn't only see your academic results.
  2. Daowiies

    Daowiies Well-Known Member

    Agree and disagree :D
    Only because school can be boring... College is for your job though, so it's useful xD

    True this. Where I live, sixteen is minimum before leaving school.

    No idea what CCA is, but here the final score (ENTER, now ATAR where I live) is made up from six subject scores (aka study scores) your best 4 are taken, and the remaining two just a percentage of the score. For us, the world only sees your academic achievement through your scores... Although universities have written applications and interviews to get in if you don't have the right score though.

    School is useful. It teaches you a lot, even if many of us don't realize it (or remember what we learned xD)... Or so I like to think :D
  3. redoperator

    redoperator Well-Known Member

    highschool was a joke for me
    college is a joke for me

    but I "need" it... all it shows is that you have "potential" to run around in the job world, thats it, we don't even use high school academics unless if our job demands it and that is pretty rare.
  4. bhatooth

    bhatooth Well-Known Member

    i really did quit... atleast for a year
  5. redoperator

    redoperator Well-Known Member

    and how did it go?
  6. lewis9191

    lewis9191 Well-Known Member

    In the UK, you are required to stay till 18 now
  7. bhatooth

    bhatooth Well-Known Member

    its ok i needed that rest from dumb classmates
  8. redoperator

    redoperator Well-Known Member

  9. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

  10. bhatooth

    bhatooth Well-Known Member

    successful troll is successful
  11. dt123

    dt123 Well-Known Member

    ima quit school, i want to have a dead shit life aswell
  12. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    Co-corricular activities. Basically your clubs that you attend.
  13. oilrigrace

    oilrigrace New Member

    bud, you are SO wrong. not all of us are phenom athletes that can skip education to join professional leagues or gifted musical geniuses that just sign up with a record label and make millions in a couple of months. im not discriminating or anything, its just that ive been through it and what most of you are thinking is what I EXACTLY had in my mind back then. weeks of endless hours in front of your pc, console or handheld pausing only to go to the comfort room or to gobble an unhealthy meal quickly to get back to your life, waking up past 12 pm all the time, free to go anywhere and engage in any kind of pleasures be it sexual or drug related. boy those may be fun, but after a while, you kinda lose a sense of purpose and begin to wonder the worth of your life, not to mention the consequences of STARTING again. oh believe me if theres one thing you CAN decide upon besides impregnating your girl when your under the age of 18, its leaving school. if youve got no idea, this is where you start your career too. its, you know, where you get those green stuff for the fam and all those awesome desires you held all this time

    I dont mean to offend anybody, or to troll, I just honestly dont want people to know what its like, what Ive been through, and I can relate very well cause most of us are those true blood button-mashers with that endless passion for quality games. peace :p