[Rumor] Next PlayStation Is Called Orbis

Discussion in 'General News' started by iluvfupaburgers, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    Source: http://kotaku.com/5896996/the-next-playstation-is-called-orbis-sources-say-here-are-the-details
  2. Niflheim

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  3. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    it could be. you do have to remember that kotaku was the first to release info on wii u, circle pad pro or even 3ds
  4. megashell

    megashell Well-Known Member

    I think they have time travel devices! they just report on what stuff the future already has
  5. xicyacex

    xicyacex Well-Known Member

    Sony will most likely make a version costing 100$ more for the backwards compatibility.
  6. dracky w

    dracky w Well-Known Member

    Or make the backwards compatible like the very first Japanese run and by the time it comes out in the west they change it out due to "Costs" or hardware overheating
  7. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    considering that the backwards compatible PS3s actually contained PS2 hardware, cutting costs is a perfectly valid reason to remove the feature.
  8. Fadelical

    Fadelical Member

    Orbis? That just sounds stupid, even for a working title.

    Other than that, it doesn't sound that amusing. I might save my money and keep playing my PS3. Only the compatibility of 3D games sounds amazing.
  9. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Like a name means anything, anyone remember the backlash from such names as the "Wii" and the "iPod"?
  10. Fadelical

    Fadelical Member

    Orbis really reminds me of Orbit, and that name of gum really bothers me. I pray to Dios that they'll change it.
  11. calvin_0

    calvin_0 Well-Known Member

    wow for the 1st time, playstation sound disappointing....
  12. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    [over the top groan here]
    I would hope it doesn't require online at all times.
    Bah. I never buy used games, this is even more incentive to avoid those rip-offs.

    I like the name Orbis better than "Playstation 4".
  13. Fadelical

    Fadelical Member

    Playstations have always been disappointing to me. That is why I favor the Xbox360.