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    128 bit has been around for decades. Just not in consumer machines. I don't think its coming to the consumer market for a good while yet, 64 bit has plenty of scope.
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    Srry looney but this isn't really true.

    It's difficult for the same reason an OG Xbox emulator would be hard to code for: There's no documentation (yet) and would be hard to emulate some parts of the custom configurations of either of them (and if I remember right the Xbox GPU is super custom or something stupid, there's no GPU like it).

    + reverse engineering something is hard, I don't think anyone would be able to run a PS4 natively (or Xbox for that matter)** since it'd most likely have to emulator the custom configs of the PS4/Xbox architecture.

    **unless you mean virtulization which might be possible down the line
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    only the PS4 uses an AMD APU, which is an x64 CPU and a radeon GPU combined into one package. They're readily available for PC. There might be some kind of hypervisor involved but other than that it's straight PC hardware.
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    my god...the developer of ps4 emulator has no ps4 console or even games. what the heck. It's really bad to emulate the current gen, it will hurt future game developments. Unless console manufacturers would make them legal and ask a fee like an access to psn.

    A PS4 emulator could be an actual Orbis OS, yup, remove Windows. A 16-core Cpu so it can handle the background. You know what, I guess a fully working PS2 emulator was ready in 2006, they just wait to end its life cycle. You can execute the ps2 emulator today with low settings with a 2013 Pentium Dual Core.
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    No it won't, if anything it will help future game development because more people will have access to the tools needed to develop new games for the system

    PS2 was a 400mhz RISC cpu that needed to be emulated, PS4 is an x64 APU that doesn't need to be emulated because it's PC hardware to start with.
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  7. Dark Infernape

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    Harem Tengoku da to Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta and Shin Hayarigami goes ingame now. :)


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    [quote author="Gamer Headlines"]
    PS3 emulator RPCS3 can now play over 20 commercial PS3 games


    Earlier this year, a certain PS3 emulator known as “RPCS3″ was announced by the RPCS3 team to have successfully emulated its first commercial PlayStation 3 game – Arkedo Series – 02 Swap!

    In the months since that undoubtedly exciting announcement, the RPCS3 team has reportedly made consistent progress on the PS3 emulator project, leading to increases in speed, general improvements in accuracy, and most importantly, the successful emulation of over 20 commercially available PS3 games.

    Bear in mind that RPCS3 is not perfect, and even though the 20+ previously mentioned commercial PS3 games are playable, they are not perfect by any means. However, the emulated games can indeed by played with varying degrees of success.

    Below is a list of PlayStation 3 games that can be played to some degree by RPCS3.

    Arkedo Series – 02 Swap!
    Arkedo Series – 03 Pixel!
    Braid (1)
    Caladrius Blaze
    Crash Commando (1) (2)
    Cross Channel: For All People
    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (US and EU) (Intro)
    Groovin Blocks
    Harem Tengoku da to Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta
    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
    Raiden IV: Overkill
    Retro City Rampage
    Sacred Citadel (1) (2)
    Shin Hayarigami
    Sonic CD (US and EU)
    Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (1) (2)
    The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum
    The Guided Fate Paradox (Intro)
    Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

    As impressive as RPCS3’s progress is, the PS3 emulator still has a long, hard road in front of it as most of the games on the above list are fairly lightweight when it comes to harnessing the “power” of the PS3.

    However, many PC gamers are sure to appreciate the hard work and dedication that the RPCS3 team has put towards making the world’s first successful PS3 emulator.

    For more information on RPCS3 (including a more in-depth list of PS3 games and intros/main menus that can be emulated by it), you can visit the PS3 emulator’s website here.

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    Good job PS3 emulator team! :)
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    this is so cool!! good luck you guys, I hope you could play some big games from the ps3 one day. I"m sure you can do it!!
    maybe not now, but some day I"m sure you will mange it.
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    Galaga Legions DX goes ingame now

  12. Dark Infernape

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    BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien" goes ingame now.

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    Whoa this thing seems to be still going strong! They've released so many builds! Made so many updates!

  14. So does that mean the WiiU and the PS3 games is heading to RomUlation very soon then?
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    It depends on the staff's decision.

    But I doubt it's a good idea to host them at this time. Recently the staff has been forced to restrict game downloads of many games for "older" consoles like PlayStation One, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Game Cube and Wii. So the video game publishers will definitely force Romulation to restrict game downloads for the newer WiiU- and PS3-titles as well.
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    I just hope the day I could play Heavy Rain with this emulator is around the corner.
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