Requesting a Refund.

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by jasonbutlerrkymtn, Dec 12, 2018.

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    I tried the contact page in an effort to request a refund. I came to this site and signed up for one reason to download 2 games that said they were restricted. Your warning on particular games say that it is restricted and then in the advertisement of becoming a premium member it says for unrestricted access. Now I realize that you are bound by copyright laws that made you pull certain titles, but I was unaware of the issue until after I became a member and had to search the forum. This is my second attempt at contacting you. I first went to the contact page and sent a message over a week ago. I would appreciate your prompt response.

    Thank you
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    I responded to your email on the 6th of December about 2 hours after you contacted us, please check your email and let me know if the response never arrived because that worries me a bit.

    Regardless, the answer is that your account isn't premium and we have no payment registered from you, please send me a PM with the email you used to pay so I can investigate what happened.