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Question About Modded 360

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by SakuraMartinez, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. SakuraMartinez

    SakuraMartinez Well-Known Member

    Soo...I have 2 360s at home. One's modded (don't know if jtagged or not, but I can play backup disks on it) and the other's a slim 360 that we got bundled with Kinect.

    Now...my question is this. Ever since the release of newer games, we haven't been able to play most of them since they require an update (e.g. Homefront, Virtua Tennis 4, AC:Brotherhood). Is there a way for us to play it on the modded console (since we're still waiting for the original disks for those games to be sold here) without updating the console since I've heard that once you update, you might not be able to play the pirated disks any more.