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PS3 vs 360 vs Wii

Discussion in 'Debates' started by Littlekill, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

    http://www.notenoughshaders.com/2012/07/02/the-rise-of-costs-the-fall-of-gaming/, with better graphics, comes bigger costs,w ith bigger costs, less varierty, with less variertym, less stuff sold, http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-08-30-how-powerful-is-the-wii-u-really eurogamer has some comments on how some developers think it's much more firendly to work with nintendo and the wii u that with other consoles
  2. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    PS3 broke. Don't care to fix it.
    Gave my 360 back to my brother. Only had one game for it anyway. Don't care.
    Haha Nintendo... right.

    I'm fine with my massive Steam library, thank you.
  3. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    I'm starting to think otherwise, four NSMB games? Really? I love the 3DS, it's honestly great that there's a good game coming out every two months or so, but I can handle only so much Mario and New Super Mario Bros, after this one, is just silly. I can't stomach another NSMB, I can't, it's impossible, it's literally just 'hey, remember the tanooki suit? HERE YA GO' 'Hey remember coins? HERE'S MORE'. What's next, the next one is going to have the cape or the frog suit? WOW.

    I think a lot of the costs associated with AAA games has a lot to do with what engines they're working with, the more uncooperative the engine, the more money is being thrown away. With game engines becoming more and more advanced, I think we're going to see at some point an offset of cost. UE4 engine always comes with the words ease of use and faster rendering all that stuff.

    As much as I'd like to say that's true, a lot of big gaming companies get other game companies to say how much it is a pleasure to be working with 'x'. It's business, they always say that kinda stuff, any game developer would say that to any large hardware dev, it's been around with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. I'd treat that second article with a grain of salt if I were you.
  4. gaynorvader

    gaynorvader Well-Known Member

    Both articles fail to mention the Xbox arcade or PSN Minis. Also the low costs of developing on the Wii has led to a large quantity of shovelware.
    The fact is the large development costs are a result of companies trying to outdo one another. The titles the article picked out are on the very high end of the spectrum, so is a bit disingenuous. When consoles were lower costs to develop on, large amounts were spent relatively on PC games instead.

    I also don't know how you've arrived at less stuff sold since games sales in the last 10 years has been rising steadily, despite a worldwide recession.
  5. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

    i never said less stuff has been sold in present tense, what i stated is a probable thing to happen, the more the graphics are pumped, the less other generes are going to be taken onto account, lets start with RPG's, there are a lot less RPG's than there are FPS titles, not counting indie games or PSN/xboxlive stuff, we are starting to face yet again the same problem atari created back in the 80's, i agree that four NSMB are a bit too much, but i expect that to stop soon as it seems it's coming our way MH4, MH3g among other titles, the whole mario stuff is a tradition that has come from the NES onwards, nintendo has not gone the ultra high HD graphics with the wiiu rather they have aimed to yet again experiemnt with the controls, @devon, inc as for the nintendo haha, pretty much the whole industry owes nintendo big time if it werent for them no industry would be here today, no Pc, no steam, no shit
  6. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    oh yes, nintendo and not atari, sega, commadore etc who were actually in the video games business before nintendo.
  7. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    So? I have my Steam now. I'm not going to grovel at Nintendo's feet for something they did 27 years ago. I don't care about that now and neither should you.
  8. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

    ataria, sega and commodore went broke iirc duirng the crash of videogames in the 83, it wasnt until the arrival of the NES and super mario bros that the market propelled again, what i hate is that people often forget there was a crash, there were reason for that to happen and forget that nintendo in part is responisble (here is where my english vocabulary fails me :p) for reviving the whole industry, we take each title for granted when tomorrow it might happen again
  9. alexong96

    alexong96 Well-Known Member

    DO remember that there is no gratitude in business. :)
  10. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    none of those companies went broke, they all had other interests as well as video games. Unlike nintendo now, who would be the most at risk from another crash.
  11. Littlekill

    Littlekill Well-Known Member

    Nintendo fits only one role now, and thats to constantly re-use the same few franchises till the end of time, and I'm ok with that.

    I enjoy the occasional Zelda or something.

    Fuck everything I just want Monster Hunter localized and brought to the PC market
  12. gaynorvader

    gaynorvader Well-Known Member

    (Talking about overall number of games sold here)
    And I'm calling into question your idea that it's probable when all data suggests otherwise.
    Not true. Sega only stopped making consoles around the year 2000 (and only started making them in '83), Atari stopped after 1993 and Commadore only made one in 1990. None of these companies were broke.

    True, the release of the NES, which pushed graphics and console power ahead of what it had ever been before did revitalise the Game Industry and certainly galvinised it into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, but it's quite likely Sega's Master System would have done that if the NES did not as the reason for it's failure is largely attributed to Nintendo's aggressive marketing strategies.

    I doubt very much that the crash of the early 80s will happen again, as gaming then was considered to be a children's toy and a bit of a fad. It has long been a part of modern entertainment, the same as TV, radio, etc. The situation has completely changed.
  13. Littlekill

    Littlekill Well-Known Member

    that crash in 83 was arcades lol

    home consoles exploded because of this crash
  14. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    It's not fair to give Nintendo all the credit.
    Other consoles and PCs have also accomplished great things.
  15. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

    you have your dream come truth in a sense, there is TERA online which is pretty much MH but with a different title
  16. Littlekill

    Littlekill Well-Known Member

    but is korean, and has a monthly payment and i have one rule when it comes too mmos, NEVER pay for anything korean
  17. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

    i have a friend who plays TERA, he used to log onto neoseeker often, his name was Acatia, pretty big fan of monster hunter, moved to TERA along with an other friend of mine and they told me it's the next step for MH, it's full Real time, monsters AI is much more smarter and shows less attack patterns, the main reason why i dont play it is because i dont like paying for online service, i believe in buy the game get free play

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    oh and the discussion should be shifted towards the wii u given that nintendo has oficially stated that the console will be out in novemeber (black friday iirc) with two models white with 8 GB of internal memory and black with 32 GB both at 300$ and 350$ respectivley as far as i know it used a last year CPU GPU and packs 2GB of RAM along with an custom graphics card.
  18. Littlekill

    Littlekill Well-Known Member

    hey... hey...... hey.... fuck nintendo
  19. gaynorvader

    gaynorvader Well-Known Member

    I don't agree as 1) Wii U is not out yet and 2) Not many people will have played it/data will not be available to successfully debate its pros/cons.
  20. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    And here we go again, Nintendo. Last one on the block to get full sized DVDs, not even counting DL ones, and now last one on the block to get a respectable internal memory, and 32 GB still isn't respectable...the only reason I like the Wii is because I can hook up a 500 GB external drive and play all of my games off of that. Hell, you shouldn't even get that bonus point since it's homebrew.

    And this is why I freaking hate Nintendo.