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[PS3] Batman: Arkham City - M.Austin19

Discussion in 'Review Submission' started by ogh3, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. ogh3

    ogh3 Well-Known Member

    Also on: XBox 360, PC, Wii U
    Rated: T for Teen
    Release Date: October 18, 2011
    Developer: Rocksteady Studios
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
    Genre: Action​

    In the sequel to the smash-hit Batman: Arkham Asylum, the world's greatest detective is in for a big fight when billionaire Bruce Wayne gets captured and sent to the super-security prison, Arkham City, in the heart of Gotham. As always, Batman feels responsible for the lives of many, as he snoops around Arkham City to calm it down a bit. With many twists, surprises and thrills, Batman: Arkham City will grasp the player into the game and pull a bind on them as they adventure through Arkham City, stopping the mysterious "Protocol 10" and being Batman while he is at it.

    The game first catches the player's eyes with its stunning graphics. There is nothing to really hate about the graphics and picture quality of the game, except for a few minor things such as: feet going through cape, enemies' heads going through walls, and things of that nature. But if the Dark Knight doesn't mind, you shouldn't either

    The Dark Knight as he glides through the streets of Arkham City

    The game challenges the player from the interest-grabbing introduction, to the heart-crushing conclusion as you, the Dark Knight himself, Batman, go through Arkham City stopping all the big-baddies from taking control. There are plenty of different enemies with a variety of weapons that serve as threats to Batman. You may fight using your own two fists or using some of the many gadgets that can be upgraded through out the game. The game also has some not-so challenging, yet highly thrilling boss fights that go along with your regular inmate, want-to-kill-batman enemies. The adventuring gets pretty fun, as you get the ability to glide around Arkham City early-on.

    Some of the many enemies in Batman: Arkham City

    Along with the amazing, indescribable story. The game has plenty of extras. Many sidemissions become availble from the get-go, keeping the game fresh and interest-grabbing. The side missions prove to be quite challenging, as you need to go through them with a little bit of intellect, and a lot of power. The game also has many trophies, riddles, and challenges to complete from none other than... The Riddler. And they aren't simple, either. Atop all of these Side Missions and Riddler Challenges, there are many out-of-game challenges that can be completed by Batman, or DLC characters Robin, Catwoman, and Nightwing. Along with these, the Catwoman DLC also has its own story, that you can complete along-side Batman's story. You can also purchase Batman skins as a DLC.

    The music of the game matches perfectly with the dark scenarios of the game. The voices of the characters are classic and also match perfect with the characters. I really have nothing to say about the sound of the game. This is something you must see for yourself

    And finally, the story. The main reason I love this game. The core to any Action/Adventure video game. The story starts slow, but definitely interesting. As Bruce Wayne gets into Arkham City, he enters a one-night adventure no body will forget. The many baddies of Batman appear throughout the game, from Joker to Bane, in the main story and in the side missions. It did kind of get annoying at first to have so many bad guys, but they all fit so perfectly into the game, that I didn't mind having them there. The struggles of Batman as he tries to find a (Spoiler) and stop this mysterious "Protocol 10" from Arkham City's Head, Hugo Strange, are just what makes this story exceptional. Batman gets involved in many situations, just like the Dark Knight's usual flaws of feeling responsible for most of the things that goes around. The middle introduces the many things enemies try to do to get Batman to break the laws of being Batman. The conclusion is something else. The conclusion completely goes against the nature of Batman, as it breaks the heart and digs a hole into the mind of the player. The conclusion leaves the game into a state where you want to play the game even after you beat it. It make you want more.

    Although the story was wonderful, you don't really feel to be Batman. The Dark Knight goes around flying solo. No hints, no counter icons, no tutorial, none of that. The main game doesn't give you that. But, After you complete the main game, you unlock the New Game+, which carries over all your gadgets, upgrades, and side missions from the main game. New Game+ takes the game to a new level. Not only does it enable you to play the game, but the no hints, no tutorials,and no counter icons takes the challenge of the game further than ever, and lets you truly experience being the Dark Knight. The enemies prove to be much more difficult, as you have to counter, dodge, beat, and knock out your opponents without the help of counter icons or combat hints.

    Batmam: Arkham City is a must buy for all people who even had the tiniest shred of love to Batman. And it would even be a great game for those who don't. This game take gaming to a new level, and changed my view on video games. It is arguably one of the greater games to have existed. I recommend the game to anyone who is looking for a thrilling, long, game, and to anyone who wants a good game at all. I am telling you, and you should trust me, this game isn't even good. It is Great. Not even Great. It is not a regret.

    Presentation: 10/10- Like I said, great story. Really nothing much to hate
    Gameplay: 10/10- Fun, challenging, and interesting, the gameplay won't upset
    Graphics: 9/10- The graphics themselves are some of the greatest I have ever seen. However, due to some minor things that I already mentioned, I am giving it a 9
    Sound: 10/10-It just matches perfectly with the game. Really something i cannot explain
    Replayability: 10/10- Although it isn't much, New Game+ makes the game better than the original game
    Overall: 49/50- Trust me, it deserves it.
  2. LuckyTrouble77

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    Re: [PS3] Batman: Arkham City

    You didn't touch on flaws, at all. No game is flawless. A reviewer must balance with the good and the bad. Take off the rose tinted glasses, take a second look, and make some revisions. I swear, you scored this like Famitsu does. Basically gave a perfect to a game that is far from it.
  3. Frivera360

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    Re: [PS3] Batman: Arkham City

    It's not on the Wii, but going to be on the Wii U.
  4. ogh3

    ogh3 Well-Known Member

    Re: [PS3] Batman: Arkham City

    I mentioned the flaw of a few minor graphical things, and the fact that every bad guy in batman is in the game beside those, I don't really see any flaws. It is a really good game if you actually played it
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    Sorry bout that. I knew that, I guess I just forgot to type the U
  5. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Well-Known Member

    Re: [PS3] Batman: Arkham City

    You have basically said the game is perfect. You discarded the graphical flaws, you barely touched on the combat system and any flaws it may have. If I had to tl;dr this review, I would say this:

    "The game is amazing. There are a couple of really, really minor things wrong with it that you can ignore. Really, the game is basically perfect."

    That is inaccurate of every game in existence. The really, really great games tend to be buggy (ie: Skyrim), and other games have great elements, used in average ways. I mean, for replayability, you basically said hard mode was exceptional. It's the same game with shit missing that makes it harder. It is still the same game, just even more aggravating for the average person. I don't get how that's a good thing for anybody except challenge nuts. That might just be me though.

    When considering the length of the story alone, the quality of that story, the combat, the quality of the combat, the quality of the extras, and the quality of what they try to use to keep you playing, is it a good game? When you factor out DLC, how is the game without it? Would it still be enjoyable if one wasn't to spend that extra money? How is the quality of the DLC as a standalone experience? Is it worth what it costs? From the standpoint of somebody that hasn't played the game, you have told me nothing of importance. You basically spent a few paragraphs telling me why you like the game, not why I should like the game. You have not told me what may deter me from the experience. There is too much of what you personally love in there, rather than being looked at from a third party angle of the average interests. For that, this review is not good.
  6. Jonez001

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    At my blog, I always end with a list of the bad points and a list of the good points of the game.
  7. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    ...Only flaw is the game is a slight easier than the last game, the combat system has been perfected from the last, just saying.

    *100% completion*
  8. I-Fatman

    I-Fatman Well-Known Member

    I'm not a big fan of Batman games, I mean they are fun to play through and all but thats not the point.
    Isn't the review about what you who's doing the review think of it?

    Like me, I think that SSBM is a 100% perfect. Brawl isn't. Even if I think the best of all super smash bros games as it is my favorit multiplayer games of all time.

    Anyhow back to the point sorry. :D for example, if I did a review of SSBM it would get overall 50/50 because it is what I think of the game. It has some minor bugs but hell they only do it more fun to play. Really funny bugs.
  9. ogh3

    ogh3 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Not many flaws in the game. I could add that the DLC isn't really worth it, but atop of that. I feel it actually deserves the rating I gave it
  10. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    But you can't put that into context since dlc ain't part of the main game, a separate review is needed even if there isn't much to say.
  11. Rumiko

    Rumiko Well-Known Member

    This game pretty much IS perfect. Have you seen the metascore and read any of the reviews? When a game is made this well, there really isn't much to complain about.