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Post Your System Specs Thread

Discussion in 'Computers & Modding' started by BloodVayne, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne Well-Known Member

    ..what the title says. Interested in knowing what kind of computers you guys have :D.
    Post your system specifications here, including but not limited to: CPU, Motherboard, RAM, hard drive, video card, sound card, OS etc.

    I'll start with my laptop, since I'm using it right now. It's an Axioo TVS 6112...

    Pentium Dual Core 1.6 GHz.
    12,1" WXGA LCD screen
    1024 MB DDR2 RAM
    80 GB Seagate HDD
    SiS Mirage with 128 MB VRAM
    Realtek HDA sound card
    Optiarc DVDRW
    Ethernet adapter and Intel ProWireless 802.11 a/b/g
    Card reader
    Windows XP Professional SP2
    ...don't know about the mobo..
  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member


    Acer Aspire 9502WMSI
    1.73GHz Intel Pentium M 2MB L2 cache
    2048GB PC6400 DDR2 ram (2x 1GB)
    160GB Hitachi hard disk
    Realtek High Definition Audio with onboard 2.1 speakers
    ATI Mobility Radeon x700 PCI-E graphics chip with 256MB dedicated video RAM
    slot loading DVD-RW drive
    Realtek Gigabit Ethernet adapter
    Intel Pro/Wireless 2915A/B/G 802.11 card
    17inch widescreen internal monitor
    22inch Samsung 226BW widescreen external monitor
    Compal Stork Motherboard
    Windows 2003 Enterprise Server Service Pack 2.

    generic 300mW 802.11b wardriving card.

    Desktops to come :)
  3. Tboi

    Tboi Well-Known Member

    I have no system specs, it crashed, this is a public PC (guess how crappy this one is xD)

    Acer Aspire 9305 WSMI
  4. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    Main Desktop:

    AMD Athlon X2 4400+ (overclocked to 4800+) dual core processor
    4GB Samsung PC3200 DDR RAM (4x 1GB) 2GB Samsung PC3200 DDR RAM (2x 1GB)
    2.1TB hard disk (120GB Seagate Barracuda RAID 1 array (ATA100)
    500GB Seagate Barracuda downloads drive (SATAII)
    500GB Seagate Barracuda video source drive (SATAII)
    500GB Seagate Barracuda video render drive (SATAII)
    300GB Maxtor DiamondMax temp/pagefile drive (SATA)
    73GB Seagate Cheetah games drive (15krpm U320 SCSI)
    73GB Seagate Cheetah spare drive (15krpm U320 SCSI))
    Nvidia OEM 768MB Geforce 8800GTX (Overclocked to Ultra specs)
    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS onboard Realtek AC'97 audio Hercules Muse 5.1 DVD Asus Xonar D2 7.1
    Tevion 5.1 speakers
    Adaptec U320 SCSI controller card
    OCZ PowerStream 600W PSU
    Gigabyte G-Power CPU cooler
    CoolerMaster Stacker 810 full tower case
    DFI LanParty Nf4 SLI-DR motherboard Asus A8N-SLI motherboard
    Lite-On lightscribe DVD drive
    Lite-On 52x CD-RW drive
    3.5" floppy drive :p
    Targa Visionary 17" LCD monitor Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22" widescreen LCD monitor with HDCP support.
    Logitech G15 gaming keyboard
    Logitech G7 gaming mouse
    Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP2 Windows XP Pro SP2


    Sony DCRVX9000E Professional Digital Camcorder on Firewire.

    Render station:

    Tyan Thunder K7X Pro motherboard
    1x AMD Athlon MP 1800 CPU (dual CPU capable)
    512MB PC2100 ECC Registered RAM 1.5GB PC2100 ECC Registered RAM
    3.5" floppy drive :p
    80GB Seagate Barracuda Hard disk (ATA100)
    Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS
    3DLabs WildCat4 7110 256MB AGPPro Graphics card
    Matrox RT.X100 analogue capture card
    Windows XP Professional
    Thermaltake XaserIII full tower case
    Akasa 400W PSU
    shares keyboard/mouse/monitor with above
  5. ultra

    ultra Guest

    intel e4600 [2.4ghz] overclocked to 3ghz [no need for stress test] oem heatsink/fan
    gigabyte p35 ds3r motherboard [supports 45nm processors, only ddr2 and single slot pci express]
    adata premium ddr2 pc6400 [800mhz] has heatsink [this is the one with the 4-4-12 timings] 2gb [2x1, dual channel]
    evga 8600gt pci express [i'll casually play games from time to time, plays gears of war modestly]
    xp pro sp2+sp1a
    sound is onboard
    hard drive is either maxtor 200gb or western 160gb, sata 1
    pioneer dvdrw 16x [for reading] ide
    hi-val dvdrw 16x [for writing] ide
    apevia xpleasure full tower atx case with 500 or 550 watt generic atx power supply
    rosewell 750watt power supply [i'm not using it as it's too long and there are so many wires that it becomes cluttered. i'm looking to sell this or trade it for a 650 or lower or a regular size power supply.]

    i actually wanted to get a lian li or the stacker by cooler master [if i'm correct] but they're too costly just for computing and they are big and heavy as hell. using crt 17 inch

    btw, no floppy

    i have another one that my sister use;
    amd socket am2 4200 [2.2ghz 65watt]
    ecs 6100m micro motherboard [built in video, geforce 6150, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135067]
    adata ddr2 pc6400 1gb [512x2, dual channel]
    western or maxtor 160gb sata1
    275watt generic power supply from case
    the pc case [http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811154061]
    sound and video is onboard
    1 floppy drive
    1 dvdrw 16x drive [by io magic, it's a weird drive as it can rip anything but writes terrible]

    using dell 19 inch lcd [has 2 usb on the right hand sides and 2 usb on the back where the ports are]
  6. Patton

    Patton Guest


    Motherboard: Thunder K8QSD Pro S4882UG2NR-D
    CPU: 4 x AMD Opteron 1218 HE (Shows as 8 CPU's)
    RAM: Only 3 GB (3 x 1 GB sticks) (3 slots used out of 16 ;D )
    Video: DIAMOND 3870X2PE31G Radeon HD 512MB x 2
    Drives: DVD Writer 16x

    2 x 300GB Hitachi 15k SCSI drives.

    1 x 500 GB SATAII Seagate Dirve

    1 x 300 GB Maxtor USB2.0 drive.

    Sound Card: ASUS Xonar D2 7.1 Surround Premium card ( I am an Audio guy)

    Network Card: Dlink DFE-550FX Dual Fiber

    I think that is all I need to post ;D

    Anything else?
  7. anandjones

    anandjones Well-Known Member

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_qfe.070719-1309)
    System Manufacturer: Winfast
    System Model: AWRDACPI
    BIOS: Phoenix - Award BIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor LE-1100, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.0GHz
    Memory: 958MB RAM
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
    Western Digital 250GB HD

    Sorry I posted other random crap you didn't need to know :p I just copied it from dxdiag.
  8. Born2killx

    Born2killx Well-Known Member

    OS: Windows XP Professional
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+, 2.21 GHz
    Hard Drive:80 GB Western Digital something and a 500 GB Western Digital external
    RAM: 1 GB
    Some cheapass DVD drive that can't burn
    Front ports don't work
    Computer has issues
    Some lights don't work
    Sometimes crashes when I start a program it doesn't like
    Sometimes the monitor doesn't get any signal when I turn it back on
    Yeah, you can tell I built it myself. :'(
  9. Void

    Void Well-Known Member

    2.4GHz Pentium 4
    128MB Geforce FX 5200
    CD Reader/Writer
    74.4GB + 3.0GB HDs

    Ew, gross. :[
  10. sir spamalot

    sir spamalot Well-Known Member

    My laptop: too embarassing to post (anything with intel integrated graphics is too embarassing to post)

    My PC: a little less embarassing

    Intel Pentium 4 HT 550, running at 3.4 Ghz (wouldn't dare overclock, it's melting through my pc floor already)
    512MB DDR ram upgraded to 1024MB DDR - w00t!
    256MB DDR nVidia Geforce 6600 (by leadtek - passivly cooled, and hasn't crashed on me yet)
    250GB Western Digital Cavalier harddrive, partitioned into half, so the main system drive is labelled "I" and the rest is "J"
    17 inch unbranded 4:3 monitor
    it has a front component input, which is dead useful
    and a multiformat card reader, which doesn't work anymore for some reason (the light works, though)
    2 disc drives, one is a burner
    a floppy drive
  11. martinnewton

    martinnewton Active Member

    Amd Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2ghz
    2x1gb pc2700 DDR RAM
    Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS 256mb
    Motherboard is Asrock KS7

    its about 3 year old, but it way back when, its served me well in its own way :p Thinkinh about upgrading, but never have :D
  12. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne Well-Known Member

    Here we go : my crap PC

    AMD Athlon 1500+ (Running at 1.6 GHz)
    512 MB DDR2
    ATI Radeon 9250 with 128MB VRAM
    60 GB Seagate HDD
    Samsung DVD-RW + Lite-On CD drive
    Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet
    Sonicgear speakers
    17" LG LCD monitor
    Tv Tuner which doesn't work
  13. bustaballs

    bustaballs Member

    Athlon 64 X2 4000+

    2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM

    240GB HDD

    Radeon HD 3850 512MB (note it's AGP) recently upgraded from Radeon x1650 Pro 512MB
  14. sir spamalot

    sir spamalot Well-Known Member

    the hd 3850 is available in AGP?
  15. bustaballs

    bustaballs Member



    It'll be my last AGP card.
  16. Born2killx

    Born2killx Well-Known Member

    I'm going to build a new computer. There were some... ehem, complications regarding a $2600 Newegg purchase and the freeze and subsequent irreversible shutdown of one of my dad's credit cards, the use of a second credit card, the freezing of that one, the unfreezing of that one, and the current confusion as to the state of the transaction.

    Parts I got:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Will overclock to 3.2 GHz or something)
    EVGA nForce 790i
    2 EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB SLI'd together
    2 500 GB Samsung SpinPoint T Series SATA hard drives, RAID 0'd together
    Silverstone Black TJ07 (The version with the window)
    DVD burner (SATA)
    Blu-Ray burner (SATA)
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series
    Patriot Viper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
    Logitech G15 Keyboard :p
    Ultra X3 1000w PSU
    A nice little big heatsink
    No floppy

    $2800 in total; I was able to convince my dad to pay for about half. ;D Not a bad setup. ;D
  17. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    damn, B2K if you'd asked I would have told you not to get that creative card, they have problems :(

    RAID 0 is a bad idea too.
  18. Born2killx

    Born2killx Well-Known Member

    I read up on the sound card online and found some drivers for Vista 64. Why is RAID 0 a bad idea though?
  19. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    because if either disk packs up you lose all data on both of them. Additionally, experiments performed by a friend of mine showed that the performance gain is minimal or non-existent.

    Did you read about the crackling issues the X-Fi suffers from when there's high bandwidth usage on the PCI/PCI-E bus? Trust me, it makes the thing unusable and I only have one 8800GTX (had no problems with my 7800GTX). Apparently Creative cards are notorious for that problem, and they'd rather blame every other PC component manufacturer than fix it. Take my advice, send it back and get an Asus Xonar D2 (or it's PCI-E equivalent). Cheaper and doesn't suffer that problem.
  20. Born2killx

    Born2killx Well-Known Member

    If I send it back in now, my dad will be pissed. I'll ask for the Xonar D2 for Christmas. :p

    So I should just run the two hard drives without RAID?