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    Need For Speed (NFS) has been among the top racing games for the past 30 years. However, after NFS - Rivals (2013), we had to wait a long while to see Electronic Art's (EA) next big release. They released NFS 2015, which introduced high resolution graphics with amazing lighting effects, but the game was to be played online only. In 2016, the NFS released held low rating as gamers protested against online-only gameplay. Finally, EA decides to release the next true big hit on November 10, 2017: Need For Speed - Payback, a game which finally permits complete offline story mode.

    This game features lighting effects accompanied with detail shadows. The high-poly models with realistic textures perfectly emulate real-life. True that the characters still do not look as great as Jack from NFS - The Run, the overall environment visuals along with action-packed gameplay deserve full respect.
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    Here is the link to the official Need For Speed - Payback website.