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    Not yet, early next year I will. But my motive for signing up there is not to play games or interact in the community. Simply to buy RPG Maker MV, as it's cheaper there than at its official development page.
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    It's been a year since I said the above quoted, gosh it'd been that long! I guess time really flies.

    I'm wondering, if I do buy a software from there (Steam); will I get to download the entire .exe files to keep in my hard drive/cd-R like regular store bought software, or is it cloud base where I get to install only the client thus can only use while online e.g. Unity3D?

    I don't want to pay full price and find only getting the client, and having to continuously go online to Steam just to use it.
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    You do get to keep the exe file of the software you buy on Steam and they even suggest us to backup things we purchase and/or download from there especially games that are several Gigabytes in size so as to avoid any redownloads in the future.

    The only thing you need to remember though is any purchase and download you get from Steam WILL PERMANENTLY BE TIED to the Steam account you used to purchase/download it from... unless you go by the route ill adviced and forbidden to be discussed in these forums.

    But just because the item is tied to a Steam account it doesn't mean you can't install/use it on another machine, which is indeed possible As long as your other machines log onto the same steam account. However yet again, This will only work IF you do not log into your Steam account simultaneously amongst all your "registered" machines. Let's say you shared your account with one of your siblings so you can both play a particular game in your library. You can share the game between two machines as long as you do not login at the same time. Essentially what this means is you can't log onto a multiplayer co-op game with your single account on two or more systems at the same time to play co-op.

    A work around for this is to register another account for your sibling, then on your main account you add him/her to your "Family sharing" settings so they can use/play the game/s in your shared library at the same time.
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    but you cant both play the same game at the same time unless you have 2 copies of it.
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    Ok, that's for games right? Does the same apply for software? I'm after their RPG Maker MV which is a game development software.
    I wonder in what way will a non-game be tied to the Steam account. I don't intend to be active there unless unavoidable.
    They're having a 15% discount for the bundle or 10% for just the main program. I'm debating on whether I should buy asap or later on.
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    Technically yes... but if the game does not need to connect to Steam to work (purely single player offline games) properly like SIMCity 4, then all you need to do is copy the game to your second machine under your main Steam account name, then set up the family viewer account so it can access the game. Then play the game while Steam is on offline mode.

    Games that need to sync with the cloud or those that require login credentials won't work though.

    @Prectorian: You should go grab it now as the Steam Winter Sale is only up until Monday January 4.

    Also I highly doubt you won't get interested in going to Steam's forums, especially the community for this program you want to buy, seeing as the item you're after is a Game creation tool and Steam's community forums that have modding support would be a great place for you to seek advice and check out what others who also use the app have created using it.
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    It says Jan 5 on my screen. Think it's not auto set to show GMT. But yeah, I'll probably go ahead and sign up there and make the purchase tomorrow. I've got to first buy a CD-R tomorrow to back up the downloaded files before beginning to install it on this PC. That program has got several active forums (official and unofficial), not limited to just Steam. I'll check it out, but there are other forums dedicated to the various program series. I'm an inactive member in some of it.

    I'll still need sometime before I can actually use that program fully, given that it's using Javascript, unlike its past versions that uses Ruby, which I've been quite familiar with. Am still deligently reading tons of programming books; mostly Java, Javascript, and C# to meet my 2016 goals.
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    I'm on Spam Steam now. Using same username and profile image as here. But don't ya'll have any high hope of me joining in any game there. Not a PC gaming fan, although I do have a Logitech gaming controller hooked, because I sometimes play PSP games over the PC version of PPSSPP, when not playing it on my tablet. I might try out a free to play, yeap! I'm also a cheapskate.
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    Check out Warframe! :D

    I'll add you to the Romu Group
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    Whew made it :p

    Thank God for Steam Trading cards :)

    I was able to squeeze in "Peggle Deluxe" a few hours before the sale ends, from selling card drops from the Holiday sale as well as a few from the games I already purchased.

    Steam trading cards, one more reason Steam is way better than EA's Horrid-gin :p

    I got it as well as Bejeweled 3 and Plants versus Zombies on Origin but seeing as I finally banished Origin from my system, I had to get them back on Steam :)
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    Do you have any Holiday Cards left I need one more to forge my Lvl 4 badge.
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    Lost your chance when you didn't want to push through with my trade offer a week ago because of that stupid authentication cooldown bullshit Steam had imposed on users who do not use their mobile authentication app to authenticate trades :p

    At least I did find several other Steam users, who weren't even on my Friends list, who were patient enough and were also willing to trust a stranger to do a trade with who did push through a trade with me even if they had to wait three fucking days to get the card I traded off to them :p

    *I hope you can read through my disappointment in you Buddy :p

    loony even accepted a trade from me. And because we were friends, members of the same Steam group and he was also a moderator for the group, our trade cooldown was only for 24 hours... well that's how I think it worked out.

    So tying your email address to your Steam account is no longer enough as proof of owning one's Steam user account?

    So far the first Dick move Valve/Steam has ever imposed on their customers. I can forgive them for now though seeing as most of their services are still far better than EA's Horrid-gin has to offer.

    Wait... there's also the Region Restriction concerning purchases of gifts and personal games as another Dick move they've done this past year. However, this one was the result of people using VPNs to bypass the region checks and purchase games from Steam Russia because items there are sold at dirt cheap prices.

    Also I dislike the Region locks on several of the Final Fantasy games for my region, as well as locking away "Chroma Squad" from my region because TOEI Animation Japan felt the game was infringing on "Super Sentai", therefore all countries where Super Sentai are aired are barred from ever buying the game
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    The remake, it's in the URL.
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    its been long ago since i discovered this thread, though id drop in and say -Mass effect 2 and its expansion- are on the house also a 7day premium trial.

    take care and keep up the good work. :) Mvh Moonie.
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    The current free game is Syberia 2.