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OFFICIAL IRC MEMORIES TOPIC - post all the funny shit that happens in irc here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by b00bage, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. dmac154

    dmac154 Well-Known Member

    Poor LK

  2. dino340

    dino340 Well-Known Member

    <Joben> i have no idea
    <Joben> i'm filipino
    <Joben> we're too dumb to know anything why would you ask me that
    <Stan> oh littlekill
    <Stan> How i'd lick you
    <Stan> how i'd smell you
    <Stan> how I'd gobble you up
    <Stan> oh wait he's not here
    <Stan> fuck
    * Anbu points
    * Anbu laughs
  3. Magoran

    Magoran Well-Known Member

    <Petey> ok
    <Petey> signs that i'm losing control
    <Petey> just spent $200 on kit kat bars
  4. Omega_2

    Omega_2 Strings Cat

  5. Magoran

    Magoran Well-Known Member

    <CannonFodda> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RapeLay yfw THIS is a game
    <Fantastein> Yup
    <Fantastein> Played it
    <Fantastein> Gameplay is awful
    <Fantastein> Or rather, the controls are awful
    <Fantastein> Fun game though, if a little limited
    <Fantastein> ...I responded to that way too casually >_>
    <CannonFodda> ...oh god what
    <Petey> jesus christ
    <Petey> it's 93 in my bedroom
  6. Omega_2

    Omega_2 Strings Cat

    Heard of that one, actually.
  7. doommaker

    doommaker Guest

    do we still have an IRC?
  8. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    Yep. Still same place too.
  9. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    <Fenrir> wow
    <Fenrir> calling Dino
    <Fenrir> forgot who I was calling halfway through
    <gv> give me some free iron and lumber?
    <Fenrir> almost went "hey honey" on his voicemail
    <littlekill> lol
    <gv> why didn't you fennie baby?
    <Fenrir> because he's not my honey
    <Fenrir> he's my sweetheart
    <gv> ah
    <Fenrir> I don't want to confuse him
    <gv> lord knows he's confused enough as it is
    <Blitzen> Wait so who is your honey
    <littlekill> you
    <Blitzen> I just want to get this clear
    <Fenrir> you're my honey
    <Blitzen> <3
    <Blitzen> you fucking faggot <3
    <Fenrir> actually
    <littlekill> blitzen
    <Fenrir> Laura's my honey
    <littlekill> how long till you hit belgium
    <gv> Blitzen sure loves his faggots
    <Fenrir> Blitzen you're something else
    <Blitzen> Damn right I'm something else
    <Fenrir> you're my angel
    <Fenrir> you're my darling, baby
    <Blitzen> Wow
    <Blitzen> That's pretty gay
    <gv> Who's your baby doll?
    <Fenrir> nobody because I'm not a faggot
    <gv> Good.
  10. Magoran

    Magoran Well-Known Member

    <Dino> i'm taking my laptop apart
    <Fenrir> why
    <Dino> i swapped my ram
    <Dino> into the other slot
    <Dino> and the ram that was in that slot
    <Dino> into the other one
    <venom> That's hardly "apart".
    <Dino> i also took the HDD out and put it back
    <Fenrir> "I took the oven apart.  I moved the bottom rack up one slot, and the top rack to the very bottom"
    <Fenrir> "also while I was doing this I took out the pizza rock"
    <Fenrir> "and then put it back on the middle rack when I was done"
  11. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    <Blitzen> I don't give a shit
    <~Seph> Blitzen: My stuff is way too hardcore for you.
    <Blitzen> Bitch please
    <~Seph> I only do 8-year-old boys these days.
    <Blitzen> <Blitzen> I need futa twins with 6 foot cocks violating each other
    <Blitzen> <Blitzen> And that's just a warmup
    <Blitzen> You are smalltime
  12. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    * Xenirina ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: <censored> the lot of you.)
    Well I laughed.
    Post Merge: [time]1359459790[/time]
    <Blitzen> We were at him this morning to ask this girl out for a drink
    <Blitzen> and he was very noncommital
    <Omega_2> lol, really?
    <Omega_2> oh, ffs
    <Blitzen> and it's like
    <Blitzen> DUDE
    <Blitzen> IN CLASS
    <Blitzen> "Hey wanna go grab a drink tonight?"
    <Omega_2> "Here's the keys to my car, there's all what you need in the glove compartment."
    <Fenrir> "All I see in here is duct tape and chloroform"
    <Blitzen> "Exactly."
    <Omega_2> I think that sums up how much help he's gotten from this channel
    <Blitzen> No, knowing him
    <Fenrir> man
    <Blitzen> He'll talk to this girl
    <Fenrir> I talk about this shit with him in person
    <Fenrir> all the fucking time
    <Fenrir> I tell him he should go almost die
    <Fenrir> it helps
    <Blitzen> And she'll friendzone him and he'll go hom with the chloroform in his pocket
    <Omega_2> "...how the fuck did you get taped to the car?"
    <Blitzen> "she chloroformed me first"
    <Fenrir> "she leave her number on you?"
    <Fenrir> "yeah but I'm not sure she's into me"
    <Blitzen> "No she just told me she only liked me as a friend"
    <Omega_2> "You know...the chloroform I left in the glove compartment isn't enough to knock out a guy."
    <Fenrir> "how so?"
    <Fenrir> "how did she say she only liked you as a friend"
    <Fenrir> "I dunno she said she wanted to be my fucking buddy or something"
    <Blitzen> dammit he's not even here and I'm getting mad at him
  13. dino340

    dino340 Well-Known Member

    * Deph0 ([email protected]) has joined #romulation
    <tehuber1337> Hidden modifiers, I'm telling you
    <tehuber1337> Nazis do extra damage
    <tehuber1337> Triple against Poland
    * Deph0 has quit (Quit: Bye!)
  14. Omega_2

    Omega_2 Strings Cat

  15. Omega_2

    Omega_2 Strings Cat

    Hmm....maybe I...nah, I'm not that bad.
  16. Magoran

    Magoran Well-Known Member

    <littlekill> what is vampire weekend
    <Joben> a band
    <littlekill> well
    <littlekill> i figured that
    <Joben> also a weekend that happens once a year
    <Joben> where everyone dresses up as vampires
  17. huyenbts

    huyenbts New Member

    It'd be even better if we did it tomorrow, since I have the day off from work.
  18. Easy_Boy90

    Easy_Boy90 New Member

    YOLO.. Plz don't ban meh i just wanted to say that this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!! and yea DONT BAN MEH PLZ
  19. Dark Infernape

    Dark Infernape Raiden 雷電

    No ones gonna ban you lol :p but keep this up and revive every dead topic and you will certainly piss of the mods
  20. tomrobinsonz

    tomrobinsonz Guest

    Could we revive the IRC Tutorial, please? The page is missing, but it swears it was there a moment ago.
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