No$gba version 2.8e was released!

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    Time to uninstall your wanna-be virus scanners: ; )

    Major news is heavily extended documentation - including for some first specs on the TeakLiteII processor. The built-in assembler does now support both Xtensa (Wifi) and Teak (DSP) assembler source code, so it's now actually possible to run hardware tests on that processors (not that I would expect anybody to do such things, so just forget about it). Other weird stuff includes the DSi memory dumper - most recent version is released here: - to my knowledge, that's the first tool ever that could dump the DSi/3DS camera device ID's, the newer Wifi-ROMs and such stuff (again, just forget about it, the program must be in run in DSi mode, and there are currently only 2-3 people who could do such things). Anyways, the good news is that there are now wide parts of the DSi hardware documented, and that we could theoretically start to reverse-englneer the remaining unknown details at some day in future.

    PS. "we" is the hacking community, but I don't know where it is.

    Download it here!

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    Gaming version:-$
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