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NO$GBA tutorial

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by jc_106, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. jc_106

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    Uh, before starting, I'd like to say the following:

    I'm totally aware of the other tutorial of no$gba, I just wanted to make another one to give it a try, because I think the other one was fairly vague, relatively to the actual problems people have with no$gba. And that's because the other tutorial is kinda old, and there have been many updates to the emulator.

    So... let's get started, shall we?


    This is a tutorial on how to use the no$gba emulator, my favourite nds emulator. I use it mostly for nds, for GBA I have another emulator, but that's another story for another time. This version is, more specifically, for the 2.6a version, the most recent version of this great emulator. It's the easiest to work with, too. Just before getting to it, I would just advise downloading and installing Winrar 3.7, because all the files or most of them will be in .rar format. This tutorial is about no$gba, so I won't tell you anything more about Winrar, only that there is a tutorial on romulation made by winterreise. If you have it already, then good.

    So, after this little introduction, you should download the emulator, because without it, no tutorial. It's available here. I's the official version, but this one's free. The truly original version is paid. There's no difference at all between the paid and the free version. Also, this download is completely safe, as I have it, along with one other bunch of people. Download it, and put it wherever you want. The emulator will initially be in .rar format. So, do what I've told you before, and get Winrar 3.7 if you didn't have it already. After doing so, extract the .rar file you just downloaded, the emulator. You should get 4 more files, named README, NO$GBA.INP and two files named NO$GBA. Also, you'll get two more folders, named SLOT and BATTERY. You can change their names to what you think it's more convenient to you, but they're good as is.


    Now, you have the emulator, but probably it won't work in the best way. We may have to change the configuration. Anyway, make sure it's like the following:

    Emulation speed, LCD refresh - realtime, auto. - This is the most realistic configuration. It will never be over 100%, and it will always do it's best to be at 100%. Until it reaches so, it won't be slower than any other configuration. However, some games can get boring, and maybe you want to change the settings to unlimited MHz disaster 50%, or maybe unlimited MHz disaster 10%. It can go to about 400% in the last one. Just remember, there's no way to speed the game up. I's your choice.

    UPDATE: if you have a numpad, you can actually speed up the game when in a mode that doesn't go wild. Just click + in the numpad. In other words, if you have a regular laptop, you're screwed.

    Sound output mode - digital stereo. - You won't need to turn the sound of, or use the monaural output configuration, because games will run perfectly well with this.

    Reset/startup entrypoint - start cartridge directly. - For some reason, the emulator will crash if you choose the other configuration. I don't think you want it crashing.

    Sound desired sample rate - high (44 kHz) (best). - This configuration gives quite a better sound, and I haven't noticed the speed difference yet, it's minimal.

    Video output - 24bit true color. - The name and numbers says it all. And yes, that's the way colour is spelled in the emulator.

    3d renderer - nocash. - The reason you choose this one is the speed is significantly raised, about 15-20 %. In the previous version, 2.6, this renderer had some problems, but they've been solved.

    Multiboot port - none/disabled. - Well, to be honest, I don't really know what this is about. I think it has something to do with the game boy emulation, but I am not sure. Feel free to tell me if you know.

    GBA mode - GBA SP (backlight). - Nothing to be said, quite really. It's about how game boy image appears. It matters nothing in nds emulation. But if you want to use this emulator for game boy emulation, then choose this.

    Multiboot normal/burst delays - fast/fast (best). - I don't know what this is, either. It hasn't bothered me, really, it's a trivial concern. I have it at ''best'' because I think it's the best. Nothing more.

    GBA cartridge backup media - auto. - Just one more of those things that only matter if you're using no$gba for game boy emulation.

    Number of emulated game boys - 1. - This only matters too if you're using this for game boy emulation. It'll let you use up to 12 game boys. Just remember, the more game boys you emulate ate the same time, the more power you need to have.

    NDS cartridge backup media - auto. - NDS players praise the day the developer created this automatic function. Seriously, it was the biggest problem we had with nds emulation, along with speed. With this, all games will save.

    Link gamepaks - gamepaks in all GBAs. - Another thing that matters only with game boy emulation.

    Solar sensor level - bright sunlight. - I once heard the GBA had some function like sensing the solar light, or something like that. I haven't heard anything about nds having this function, but anyway, I never had a single problem related to this. Also, there is someone, named Nare, who told me what this is for. I'll hereby quote him.

    [quote author=Nare]The only DS game that use this is "Lunar Knights", the "son" of the GBA games saga "Boktai" (Bokura no Taiyoh). It comes with a UV sensor on the cartridge and an onscreen meter that makes big part of the gameplay.

    NO$GBA still doesn't have this game as playable from major video bugs, but it does emulate the solar sensor right: "bright sunlight" rises the meter to the top while "complete darkness" drops it to zero.[/quote]

    Thanks to Nare for the info.

    Link cable type - automatic. - This only matters for game boy emulation, because nds doesn't have a link cable.

    Well, this does it for the configuration. Make sure it is like the one I wrote. I've gathered information from many places and people, and this seems to be the best. Just don't forget to save the configuration, otherwise you'll have to do this every time you turn the emulator on. To save the configuration, click ''OK'' after doing it like above, then click on ''Save Options'' on the ''Options'' menu to save it.


    So, after finishing the configuration, download a game, like Pokemon Diamond. It's from romulation, so it's safe.

    I chose Pokemon Diamond because there have been quite some problems with it. You can try other game.

    Well, after downloading the game, extract it with Winrar. If it appears only as a file, and not a .rar file, then change its name, adding the extension after the name. Like, the file's name's ''Pokemon Diamond'', for example. Add ''.rar'' after the name, so it should be like ''Pokemon Diamond.rar''. However, after adding the selection, the extension will disappear, and the name will remain as before. After doing so, you are able to extract the files. Do so. At least one file will appear. It's a .nds file. That's the true game. Sometimes, with some games, another file appears, and it's a MSInfo Document. Don't worry about it, they're normally around 10 KB. And they're not harmful.

    Okay, now you have the game and the emulator! Time for some gaming.


    Click on the emulator. It's named NO$GBA, and it's symbol looks like an A. Double click it, and a new small window appears. In that window, go to the folder where you have the nds games. Select the one you want to play, double click it, and there you go! You're officially playing nds with an emulator.

    So, now that you're playing, you'll probably notice you don't get the keys, or if you do figure them out, then you'll understand that maybe some other keys work better for you. Ergo, I'll post my own configuration. It hasn't been giving me any problems, except with Call of Duty 4. I can't seem to get coordinated enough to play it. But give it a try, and maybe you'll do it.

    Anyway, here's my configuration.

    Joysticks/Gamepads - disabled (fast). - I chose this because I'm not going to use a joystick or gamepad. Therefore, I don't know how to get them working. If you want to play with one, don't ask me.

    Keyboard - define controls for player 1
    Up - UP ARROW
    Down - DOWN ARROW
    Left - LEFT ARROW
    Right - RIGHT ARROW
    Button A - A
    Button B - S
    Select - ENTER (NumPad)
    Start - ENTER
    Button L - Q
    Button R - W
    Button X - Z
    Button Y - X

    SNESpad Adapter - None/disabled (fast). - I don't have a SNESpad, so I just turned off this function. I don't really know what this does, mind that.

    Game Screen Sizing. - I don't know what these do, also. I just have them as they were before I messed up with them.
    Force 50% step - yes
    Force Aspect Ratio - yes

    Game Screen Filter - None (fast). - Another one of those things that I don't know what they do. I use it as it was before I messed them up.

    Okay, this does it for the controls configuration. Just don't forget to save after you configure the controls. To do so, click ''OK'' after putting the keys as you like, then click ''Save Options'' on the ''Options'' menu.

    Now, to play, just use the keys and do what you like.


    Although not really necessary, it's interesting to know what are you emulating.

    Two backlight 3-inch TFT color LCDs with 256x192 pixel resolution
    Lower screen is a touch screen
    Color: Capable of displaying 260,000 colors
    Wireless Communication: IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo's proprietary format
    Multiple users can play multiplayer games using just one DS game card
    Controls: Touch screen, embedded microphone for voice recognition, A/B/X/Y face buttons, plus control pad, L/R shoulder buttons, Start and Select buttons
    Input/Output: Ports for both Nintendo DS game cards and Game Boy Advance Game packs, terminals for stereo headphones and microphone
    Other Features: Embedded PictoChat software that allows up to 16 users to chat at once; embedded real-time clock; date, time and alarm; touch-screen calibration
    CPUs: One ARM9 and one ARM7
    Sound: Stereo speakers providing virtual surround sound, depending on the software.


    Well, this is one very important part. It's important to have a minimum. And my PC is kinda crappy, but it runs nds games very, very well.

    Processor - Intel Pentium 4, at 2.4 GHz
    RAM memory - 768 MB
    Hard Drive - near 40 GB
    Graphics Card - 128 MB

    About the rest of the components (sound card, etc.): I believe almost any within the ones available now will work for this emulator.


    Before anything else, to get the cheats, you have to consult some sites. These are my advices:

    The Codebreaker Site
    The Action Replay Codes

    GameFaqs sometimes has some faqs with codes, you might want to check it out.

    After finding the cheat you want, go into the ''Utility'' menu, then ''Cheats''. Then, click on the ''Add new'' button, and enter the code's name in the small bar, then the code's numbers in the big bar. After doing so, select whichever it is an Action Replay code or a Codebreaker code. Like,

    Go here to find Action Replay codes to Pokemon Diamond. Then, open your emulator, and go to the menus I listed above. After you find your code, copy the name (p.e.: Max Cash (Press L+R) ), and put it in the small bar. Then, copy the codes numbers (I won't put them here because they're some big numbers), and put them in the big bar. Tick the ''Action Replay''box. Then, click ''OK'', and double click the code you just added. The code should be activated.

    It seems that Codebreaker codes need an extra BIOS.

    Thanks to Reider for this info.


    Well, this does it for the tutorial. I hope it has helped you. If you want further help, or you want to tell me something that you think i might find interesting, feel free to pm me, or find me at [email protected]. Remember, I don't usually check my email, so if you want help, you're better off adding me as a contact and talking to me on MSN. My timezone is GMT+0, take that into account when trying to reach me, as I might not be online at times.


  2. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    cheats are used by going into Utility ---> Cheats and then clicking the "Add New" button, typing in or copying the code you want(infinite health or whatever) and selecting whether its an Action Replay or Codebreaker code(codebreaker codes require some extra bios or whatever as well)

    After that, it should appear in the cheat list, but first you'll have to activate it, which is just as easy as double clicking it and making the checkmark appear.

    Its not difficult at all really.
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    Nice guide, and for the people who want to test the beta witch is better then public one you can just donate 2.5$ !
  4. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    the beta isn't better for all games, and by the way, you used the wrong 'which' ;) ('which' = statement or question, 'witch' = pointy hat and broomstick)
  5. Cahos Rahne Veloza

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    I just like to tell you guys that as a GBA emulator the best (for me that is) GBA video mode is VGA poppy 'cause you get to see things in richer color detail.

    Plus I seem to notice that GBA game images in No$GBA seem to be bigger than in VBA don't know why though
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    Nice tutorial man, keep up the good work. Actually, this is your first tutorial but still :)
  7. Seph

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    Excellent, moved to tutorial section.
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    Lunar Knights doesn't have or use a Solar Sensor. I think it's if you play the original Boktai games on it.
  9. Jhon 591

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    The no$gba webiste is gone for good http://nocash.emubase.de/gba.htm :( :eek: ???
  10. Jonez001

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    John, the site is being rebuild
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    I wonder if it meens anythink like long time update :) , are maybe not lol.
  12. Jonez001

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    Read the notice
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    I see just the website re-build thanks, I did not rely think they would have been a new no$gba anyway !lol
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    For the future readers of this discussion here is the updated version of NO$GBA Emulator where all the lacks and graphics difficulties are fixed and now the emulator has better graphics. I recommended for the future readers to try the updated version of the emulator no$gba.
  15. Dark Infernape

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    You just revived a 11 year old thread.

    That's not the updated most recent version of the emulator, v2.6a came out years ago. The most recent and uptodate version v2.9d, came out a few months ago and I recommend everyone get it directly from the developers website just to be safe http://problemkaputt.de/index.htm
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