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Need help on my r4

Discussion in 'Flashcart Help' started by Majick, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Majick

    Majick New Member

    hello, i need help my card don't work anymore after it freeze, the an error occurred black screen always popping up when i booting the card on my NDSi but works fine on my DSL, my DSi version is 1.4.5u, I already use the card on my DSi for several months until it freezes while playing a game.

    the site on my card is this http://r4i-gold.me r4i-gold.me im not sure if my card is a clone but my guess it is,
    already try formatting the sd card and trying the 3 r4 gold pro 2015 kernel in separate times, all work on the DSL but not on the DSi.
    if you need more information feel free to ask
  2. caroline2011

    caroline2011 Member

    Did you update your DSi console before the card frozen? If so, it seems that the card is blocked by DSi 1.4.5u
  3. Majick

    Majick New Member

    no. the DSi is already 1.4.5u before the card froze, i have use the card for several months, did not do anything to the card or the DSi update wise, i only add remove roms.
  4. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Not sure if you've tried this step, but I'll mention it anyway;

    If you can still acquire a kernel/firmware copy from your cartridge official website for that particular cartridge (which is compatible with v.1.4.5 DSi), try backing up the content of your SD Micro, then format the SD Micro, from there you do the installation process for that cartridge kernel/firmware using your NDSL (not using your NDSi) by following the steps provided by the cart's official site, once done, try adding game rom and test it on your NDSi. Maybe it will solve your issue. If it does, maybe you might also need to delete any old save files and play those games from beginning, it might already be corrupted when your issue occurred.
  5. caroline2011

    caroline2011 Member

    Try to format microSD card with SD formatter v4.0