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Need For Speed Underground 2 - GameCube (Dolphin Emulator) - 1080p HD / 30-60fps

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Fuszion, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Fuszion

    Fuszion Active Member

    Here is a video I made doing a few different things in the game!
    I would have uploaded it as a video on the download page, but apparently only an admin can do that.. :-\
    I was so sure you could do it before, but whatever. I'll share it here! :p

    In short, the game runs great!
    Average fps was about 40-50, but would go down to about 30 for short moments or go as high as 60 for short moments!


    If you like the video, please like and share the video! :D
    And if you want to see more videos from me, please Subscribe, and make requests for videos in the comments!
    Help me waste my points to see what plays well, not yours! :)