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Most Epic Song In a Game?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by Dynodevil, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Dynodevil

    Dynodevil Well-Known Member

    So peoples of Romulation..

    I was wondering what you guys feel is the most epic track found in a game, you know the kind i mean. Like "You Are Not Alone!" From Final Fantasy IX or maybe "One Winged Angel" From Final Fantasy VII.

    Sorry for the limited examples, none spring to mind straight away which is partly why i made this thread. I wanna see some really epic music here guys an gals! So c'mon, tell the rest of us what you think!!! ;)
  2. Wintrale

    Wintrale Well-Known Member

    Yeah, One Winged Angel is AMAZING. But DAMN this rocks.
  3. zangief

    zangief Well-Known Member

    Lullaby for You - The World Ends with You

  4. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    Wasn't really epic XD
    but appropriate to the ending
  5. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    theres quite a few; 'love grows' from FFVIII is awesome. There's others that I cant recall offhand.
  6. TirithRR

    TirithRR Well-Known Member

    Hell March from the Red Alert games :)

  7. 1prinnydood

    1prinnydood Guest

    The end title song from Portal
  8. kileak

    kileak Well-Known Member

    "Hell March" from CnC:Red Alert 2 for PC games and "Eyes on Me" from the Final Fantasy VIII.

    Forgive me if there is any typo or wrong names.
  9. Qizm

    Qizm Active Member

    Objection! 2001, from the first Phoenix Wright game. Specifically when heard in case 4 and 5 :p
  10. anandjones

    anandjones Well-Known Member

    FFVIII: Breezy, The Legendary Beast, Maybe I'm a Lion
    FFVII: Mako Reactor, One Winged Angel, Jenova Absolute, J-E-N-O-V-A, Trail of Blood
    Chrono Trigger: Premonition
    Ocarina of Time: Song Of Time, Ganondorf

    Only ones I can remember right now.
  11. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 Well-Known Member

    He's a pirate---PoC: At the Worlds End GAME :D
  12. annajc

    annajc New Member

    ok i know its really corny and stupid but the game dog island the opening title song is really cute , ::) if anyone knows what the song is called let me know
  13. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    Nursery Rhyme's opening True my Heart was kindof good I guess, more in the cute way :p
  14. n0thealthy

    n0thealthy Well-Known Member

    As of a few days ago for me it's Silent Melody by Working for a Nuclear Free City from inFAMOUS.
  15. cjdogger

    cjdogger Guest

    Still Alive: Portal
    Many of the TWEWY soundtrack: TWEWY
    Zombies On Your Lawn: Plants Versus Zombies
    Many of the Final Fantasy music: Final Fantasy
  16. Reider

    Reider Modereider


    Just this one I can think of at the moment. I'm not really big on video game music and I tend to blare other tunes over it instead. =/
  17. pb89baller

    pb89baller Member

  18. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    GT3 - "I've got a brand new car... looks like a Jaguar... It's got leather seats... and a CD player player player player player player player player but I dont wanna talk about it anymore."

    That one ^
  19. GoldenTalesGeek

    GoldenTalesGeek Well-Known Member

    The arrangement of "Fighting of the Spirit" from Tales of Symphonia.
  20. unstuck

    unstuck New Member

    im surprised nobody mentioned FFVI. the opening track (i forget the title, but when terra, biggs, and wedge are marching towards narshe) as well as the final battle with kefka. e p i c.