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Monster Hunter World Iceborne wants to try DEMO (PC)

Discussion in 'Forum Games, Jokes & Random' started by sutida7saengsri, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. sutida7saengsri

    sutida7saengsri New Member

    Well, as is known that Monster Hunter World Iceborne is now available for download. Bought for me to play on the PC almost can not wait, although already know that the ps4 games will always update first (Secretly a little bit), but even then I do not have a ps4 to play with him, probably have to wait. I want to try to experience the new combo of each weapon. Which friends have already tried to play Please come to share some knowledge. When new maps, new mobs and new combos come in, will it make the game easier too? Is the game still challenging? For me, it feels that it's a lot easier. But still could not conclude anything Because I haven't tried Anyone who has tried it, please share i