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    In 2013, NetherRealm Studios and WBIE released Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game showing what could happen to Earth if Superman had gone rogue. Luckily this scenario happened "only" to an alternate Earth. The heroes from the "main universe" arrived to assist the remaining heroes of the alternate Earth to oppose the rogue Superman and his army of heroes and "former" villains.

    At the same time, a popular free-to-play smartphone app was released for iOS and Android devices. The smartphone version was unique in the way that it introduced several new characters not available to the console and PC-versions of Injustice, such as the BTAS Harley Quinn, the Arrowverse-version of The Flash (played by actor Grant Gustin) and Reverse Flash, two versions of Darkseid, Cassandra Cain, Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz, the Suicide Squad-versions of Deathstroke, Harley Quinn and Jared Leto-Joker, among others. While the game could be played offline, it didn't have a story mode.

    4 years later, in May 2017, the story on the alternate Earth continues in the sequel Injustice 2. And as usual, we'll get a smartphone version based on it. Since February 13 2017, it is also possible to pre-register it, just go to your local Google Play/AppStore to do so.

    Does it mean that NetherRealm Studios will shut down and delist the original Injustice from AppStore and Google Play when the sequel is released? One Injustice mobile-fangroup on Facebook doubts it, but no one can know for sure...

    Here's a gameplay video from the mobile version... EDIT: which can only be watched on YouTube.

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    Injustice 2 has a very large character roster. With all planned DLC and bonus characters taken into account, there will be over 30 fighters to choose from. That’s an awful lot to learn (or even remember the names of if you’re not a DC expert), so we’ve put together a handy set of cheat sheets for Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman, Bane and the rest in this Injustice 2 Characters Guide. . From there you’ll find a range of super useful Injustice 2 content you can read at your leisure. [​IMG]
    Injustice 2 characters have a variety of moves they can perform, providing you know which buttons to press and in what order. The moves fall into four categories: Basic Attacks, Special Moves, Character Powers, and Combo Attacks.

    Special Moves are unique to each character, and are based around the powers of said character. For example, one of Batman’s Special Moves is to to attach an enemy to the Batwing, and shoot them repeatedly with the gatling guns attached to the flying vehicle.

    Combo Attacks are unique to each character, and revolve around equipment or abilities, as is the case with Special Moves. A certain button combination must be used in order to execute a Combo Attack, and each of these is different from character to character. Character Powers are also used in the same way, with each one being unique to the character using them. For example, one of Green Lantern’s Character Powers is to swing his enemy overhead using a chain. For each Character Power, you should consult the character moves list.

    Character Powers are specific to each different character, and are charged up during the heat of battle, and can then be used for a certain amount of time by the player. The Character Powers can take the form of stat boost, like Superman and Wonder Woman, or it can be a special combat ability, like Batman summoning a swarm of bats.
    Anyway as my phone is too weak to run it ( It auto turns off after every 5 minutes) I have to download Injustice 2 on PC.